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Popular K-beauty Products to Buy in Singapore

5 September, 2019

With Korean skincare, hair care and body care brands popping up as quickly as Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore, choosing suitable products can be a tough decision to make.

So, we tested some of the best-selling K-beauty products from myCK stores to find out if they should be added to your daily regime, pronto!

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cleaning Gel Cream

For All Skin Types

Yes, Nature Republic products are still available in Singapore! Their highly raved Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel has earned global fans, so we tried out its sister product – Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cleaning Gel Cream. Aloe Vera brims with amino acids and antioxidants to moisturise and protect skin while removing light makeup. Formulated gentle enough for sensitive skin, this lightweight gel has zero parabens, mineral oil and artificial colours.

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Having tried other makeup removers such as cleansing oil and micellar water, using a gel-cream format was a new experience. Turns out, it should be used on dry skin to allow the makeup remover to combine with makeup. It doesn’t emulsify as cleansing oil would, but it removed non-waterproof makeup like blusher, face powder and concealer after massaging and wiping off with tissue. Just to test its efficacies, we used a damp cotton pad to clean over and was surprised (and glad!) that there was no makeup residue on it!

Love Cinema Charcoal Vita C Foam Cleansing

For All Skin Types

Charcoal is a popular ingredient that has found its way into grooming products including masks and toothpaste. Under the umbrella of Xai Cosmetics Korea, a global cosmetics company known to create high quality and reasonably priced products, Love Cinema has a range of skincare and makeup.

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The pearlescent light grey cream lathered easily for a foaming wash. Skin felt thoroughly cleansed without tautness. It was moisturising enough and didn’t dry out areas which are drier than the commonly oilier T-zone. With charcoal’s detox benefits and “complete removal of skin waste” as stated on the packaging, this Love Cinema Charcoal Vita C Foam Cleansing sounds good for oily and acne-prone skin too, as it can help to rebalance sebum and moisture. Folks with very dehydrated skin may prefer to use it 2- 3 times a week.

3W Clinic Crystal White Sleeping Pack

For All Skin Types

3W Clinic is also part of Xai Cosmetics’ plethora of beauty brands. Packed with a 12-herb complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol (provitamin B5), this Korean sleeping mask is a great value-buy which promises to brighten skin overnight and offers multiple uses.

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The sleeping mask’s fragrance was detected as soon as the jar was opened. Sheet masks are usually more popular as sleeping masks give the impression that they are messy, but this proved otherwise. Its lightweight transparent gel felt cool on skin, and that was really soothing especially with the hot weather in Singapore! The next morning, that layer of 3W Clinic Crystal White Sleeping Pack seemed to have been mostly absorbed. Makes a great treat for sunburn too.

3W Clinic Calamansi Brightening Tone Up Cream

For All Skin Types

Folks who are looking for an instant whitening tone-up face cream, the 3W Clinic Calamansi Brightening Tone Up Cream prides itself for quick results. Rich in Vitamin C and 7 natural extracts including Grapefruit Peel and Orange Seed extract, this made-in-Korea cream is affordable too. 3W Clinic Broccoli Brightening Tone Up Cream is also available at myCK outlets in Singapore.

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This face cream smells citrusy, almost like passionfruit! Despite its thick texture, it doesn’t feel too rich, sticky or oily at all! While the effect does not seem drastically obvious on fair skin, the instant brightening effect shows up on those with darker skin tones.

Nature Republic Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

This South Korean beauty brand innovates with natural ingredients such as Black Beans to address hair loss concerns. Important steps include deep cleansing to rebalance scalp and strengthening hair health with nutrients. This shampoo harnesses the benefits of Jeju Black Beans extracts and Black Bean complex to nourish scalp and hair, while Peat Water cleanses scalp to manage sebum production.

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It’s really good as it makes the scalp feel SO clean! It lathers to a rich foam, making it easy to wash long hair. The minty smell and cooling sensation were refreshing and welcoming! After rinsing, hair was soft and smooth, and feels like there’s a layer of moisturising emollient to keep it less frizzy.

Nature Republic Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Treatment

With the same key ingredients as its shampoo, this wash-off hair treatment aims to tackle rough, frizzy hair keeping it soft and shiny. Leave on brittle ends for a few minutes before washing.

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After shampooing, the Nature Republic Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Treatment was applied to the tips of hair. This light grey cream spreads easily, smells minty, and rinses off to leave hair feeling softer too.

3W Clinic Ocean Spa Dead Sea Salt Scrub Body Cleanser

Do you exfoliate your body regularly? Dead skin cells accumulate daily, and the 3W Clinic Ocean Spa Dead Sea Salt Scrub Body Cleanser gently removes them without drying skin out, thanks to its Dead Sea Algae ingredient. As pores are no longer covered, skin can better absorb nutrients so go ahead and slather on body lotion. myCK stocks the Lavender & Dead Sea Salt Scrub Body Cleanser and Black Rose & Dead Sea Salt Scrub Body Cleanser too.

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Its light fragrance helps to offer a sense of calmness after a long day. This dead sea salt scrub gently massages skin unlike the roughness of other body scrubs. Skin feels smoother even on rough areas like elbows and knees, making this a nifty skin care hack! Before shaving/waxing/epilating your legs and arms, simply exfoliate with this scrub body cleanser for a smoother hair removal experience.

Where to buy Korean beauty products in Singapore

Simply head to your nearest myCK shops to get these tried-and-tested K-beauty products in Singapore.

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