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The Perfect Routine: myCK Korean Beauty Fair (Now Till 15 Sep)

29 August, 2019

[Now $4.50] Do pay attention when you pick up this Nature Republic product from the shelve as there are Cleansing Gel Cream & Cleansing Gel Foam – for Pre-Cleansing and Face Washing respectively. We are no strangers to Oil-Based or Micellar Water Makeup Removers, this Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing & Moisture Cleansing Gel Cream is something different. It is lightweight, non-comedogenic and effective at removing impurities & makeup residues (aloe vera gel absorbs excess oil, sebum and dirt from the skin pores). Follow up with Cleansing Gel Foam to leave your skin feeling refreshed again! *Recommended when you are wearing light makeup*

[Now $7.80] Did you know 3W Clinic Tea Tree Cleansing Water contains Seawater which provides many minerals that our skin needs while benefiting us by strengthening skin barrier? Another low-key ingredient that has been mentioned more and more often in beauty industry is Allantoin. Allantoin can be derived from certain types of plants (usually Comfrey) or in laboratories. It is a potent emollient that keeps skin moisturized and away from irritations. Not your ordinary makeup remover, 3W Clinic Clean-Up Cleansing Water will warrant you healthier skin at the same time.

[Now $11.50] One man’s poison is another man’s cure – quite the case for Bee Venom skincare products which are gaining popularity. Bee Venom is the colorless liquid extracted from the stingers of honey bees, which is made of a potent combination of enzymes, peptides, and amino acid (no need to mention that those are powerhouse ingredients in beauty products). With the right formulation, skincare products that contain Bee Venom will trick our skin into thinking it’s been stung, which causes an increase in blood circulation (reads “plumped skin”). Other than Bee Venom, Salicylic Acid in Nature Republic Bee Venom Cleansing Foam (Anti-Acne) works as a salient anti-acne ingredient by reducing the number of skin cells within pores thus preventing pimples from forming.

[Now $4.80] Being a “Life Saviour” for Oily & Combination Skin, foam cleansers excel in deep cleansing because they remove excess oil, dirt and makeup. The Activated Charcoal extracts in Love Cinema Charcoal Vita C Foam Cleanser augment the deep cleansing effect by drawing impurities out from skin’s surface. Along with the anti-aging superstar – Vitamin C, this face foam is all you need.

[Now $7.50] Toner tightens our pores and prepares our skin for other skincare products applied afterwards. Aloe Vera is a bona fide hydration powerhouse and by itself, Aloe Vera contains over 200 Vitamins, Antioxidants and Amino Acids. Isn’t that already a good reason to incorporate this Nature Republic 90% Aloe Vera Soothing & Moisture Toner into your daily skincare routine? What else? It’s easily absorbed by skin and leaves skin not only hydrated, but radiant!

[Now $8.50] To be applied as a moisturizer cream after toner, 3W Clinic Calamansi Brightening Tone Up Cream is enriched with natural extracts, from Calamansi to Grapefruit Peel. The burst of Vitamin C will brighten up your complexion and prevent signs of aging. Be our new, lesser-known friend, Calamansi is a natural skin lightener & exfoliant (say “bye” to dark spots and dull skin). It also helps regulating skin oil production, which makes skin hydrated but not oily. Not a fan of Calamansi? You can also find the Broccoli variant at myCK.

[Now $11.90] Aloe Vera products are the go-to remedies for sunburned or dehydrated skin, so why not get hold of a Nature Republic Aloe Vera Ice Soothing Gel which can perform either as a light moisturizer after shower or a “body mist on the fly”? It is a spray product but the spritz takes a gel form which is more moisturizing. There’s a pleasant Aloe Vera scent that will perk you up whenever you need a moment of relaxation.

[Now $12.50] Signs of ageing are often observed around eyes. The White Organia Gold Collagen Eye Patches are soaked with Colloidal Gold – imagine Gold Nanoparticles suspended in liquid solution – which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Gold Nanoparticles are capable of penetrating deeper into the skin to repair skin damage while improving skin elasticity. The White Organia Gold Collagen Eye Patches consists of 60pcs eyepatches and 30pcs spot patches which can be applied to “spot treat” the likes of pimple scars and uneven skin tone.

[Now $1.50] Whether you became acquainted with Nature Republic Real Comforting Mask Sheet because of Korean Boy Band EXO or the promising online product feedbacks, it is a face mask we recommend to stockpile (or at least give a try). Nature Republic Real Comforting Mask Sheet is formulated with essential oils and can be used daily. It carries a whole range of masks where each puts spotlight on one hero beauty ingredient. Not forgetting that the mask sheet is ultra thin and breathable:

Allantoin – keeps skin moisturized and away from irritations

Tea Tree – soothes skin with Tea Tree Leaf Oil and gives sebum care to skin

Vitamin E – helps balancing skin oil-water condition with Vitamin E activators

AHA/BHA – AHA helps exfoliating dead skin cells and sebum while BHA helps calming skin for a soft finish

Vitamin C – whitens skin with Vitamin C activators for a vital skin finish

Madecassoside – soothe skin effectively for a smooth finish

Ceramide –  forms a moisture barrier to skin to keep your skin moisturized

Collagen – retains moisture to your skin for a glowing finish

Hyaluronic Acid – moisturizes skin effectively

[Now Any 2 For $1.60] A 3W Clinic Essential Up Sheet Mask supplies concentration of moisture to skin while restoring skin’s glow with its rich botanical extracts which are often a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils and oils, hydrocolloids, proteins, terpenoids and other bioactive compounds. One thing that sets the 3W Clinic Essential Up Sheet Mask apart from other botanical based skincare is the adoption of uncommon plant extracts, counting from Centella Asiatica Extract to Draba Nemorosa Extract.

[Now $7.50] While it’s universally known that a good night’s sleep is important to our skin – skin repairs itself and counteracts damage that is caused by UV & pollution during the day, we should also acknowledge that sleeping may dehydrate skin thus picking an effective sleeping pack is essential for your skin to regain its glow the next day. 3W Clinic Crystal White Sleeping Pack helps skin to replenish moisture overnight with a slew of wholesome beauty secrets including 12-herb complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Provitamin B5. The lightweight gel mask will be mostly absorbed by the time you wake up in the morning.

[Now $5.50] Peel Off Pack remains one of the most effective ways to slough off dead skin cells for an instantly brighter complexion. Aroma M Charcoal Peel Off Pack lifts deep-seated grime, decongests dull skin with the additional help of activated charcoal extracts.

[Now $4.50] The waterproof sun block provides skin long-lasting UV/UVB protection and can be used as makeup base. Other than rose  extract which calms and hydrates skin, Beaumir Rose UV Sun Block SPF 50 PA+++ contains Aloe & Vitamin E that are workhorses for supple skin. #Didyouknow we are advised to apply sun block 20-30 mins before we step outside and should reapply every 2 hours for optimal sun protection.

[Now $12.50] Argan Oil infused shampoos are gaining traction because they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are especially of great help to damaged hair caused by chemical treatments or everyday pollution. The benefits of Argan Oil include increasing hair’s elasticity, restoring shine to nutrient-depleted hair and preventing splitting and breakage. Herb Theraphy Absolute Argan Shampoo is definitely worth a try!

[Now $15.50 / $14.50] We can’t gush about Nature Republic Black Bean Shampoo / Treatment without mentioning Black Bean Extract and Peat Water. Black beans provide nutrition to the roots of the hair by improving blood circulation in the scalp, effectively preventing hair loss. A “swamp” refers to a wetland that is transformed from a former lake, which can take up 10,000 years to form naturally. Organic peat, contains healing features of swamp’s herbs fermented during thousands of years, is a potent hair growth acceleration substance. Just one pump of Nature Republic Black Bean Shampoo will create nice, rich lather. Coupled with Black Bean Treatment, your scalp will be rid of dandruff and left clean & refreshing.

[Now $13.50] 3W Clinic Ocean Spa Dead Sea Salt Scrub Body Cleanser is enriched with Alteromonas Ferment Extract (from deep sea algae) and Sea Salt which are excellent exfoliating & moisturizing agents. The cleanser feels gentle on skin and supplies skin the minerals it needs. Follow up with body lotion to prevent skin from being stripped off moisture.

[Now $8.50] Organist Nuts Body Wash (Image features Pistachio Mint) is free of 7 chemical additives. Creatively mixing extracts of nuts, fruits & herbs, the Body Wash line infuse beneficial energy derived from our beloved nuts – Hazelnut, Pistachio, Walnut & Macadamia. Formulated for different skin needs:

Macadamia + Cranberry – recommended for Rough Skin. Nourishing body wash with fruit & nut extracts

Walnut + Eucalyptus – recommended for a Refreshing shower experience

Pistachio + Mint – recommended for dry skin. Contains pistachio oil and mint leaves

Hazelnut + Rosemary – recommended for lackluster skin. Contains hazelnut seeds and rosemary leaves

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