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5 Amazingly Effective Fabric Conditioners in Singapore

Comfort fabric conditioner kiss of flowers


Fabric conditioners do a great job of keeping your clothes and other fabric materials in tip-top shape. While laundry detergents are sometimes enough to get the job done, in this day and age, “sometimes” just doesn’t cut it. Just as hair requires conditioners to help them get to that next level, so do our clothes, and that’s why fabric conditioners are essential. 

One similarity that hair conditioners share with the ones we use for fabrics is that they are purely optional to use, but once you use them, they make a world of difference. Fabric conditioners also come with different fragrances, and they do a great job of making your clothes look and feel great and smell great too. 

But the main problem regarding these conditioners is not the lack of them; it’s the sheer number of brands to choose from. So with these different choices of conditioners, how do we determine which fabric conditioner brands in Singapore are the most effective? Read the article to find out. 

How to Use Fabric Conditioner

While this conditioner provides instructions on adequately using them, we must remember that there are different types of washing machines. We have the top-load and front-load machines, and some prefer to hand wash their fabrics. 

The two washing machine types are relatively straightforward since they come with instructions, and the conditioners also come with instructions, but the trick lies with hand washing since a fair bit of estimation is to be done. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to use fabric conditioners on different washing machine types and for hand washing: 

Front Load Washing Machine

Row of front-load washing machines


This washing machine is highly touted for its ability to clean fabrics much quicker and more effectively, but it also comes with a high price point. As technology advanced, the considerably higher price went down, making it more accessible to many people. 

As for putting liquid detergents and conditioners, front loaders have a dedicated tray for detergents and conditioners. By following the instructions on the product, you will know the right amount to put on the tray, usually located on the upper part of the front of the equipment. 

Top Load Washing Machine

A black top-load washing machine


Top load washers are your standard washing machines; they are affordable, easy to use, and allow you to add more fabrics mid-cycle, which you can’t do with front-load washers. Another advantage of top load washing machines is the ease of putting items in. Since you can put pieces of clothing or other things that need washing from the top, you don’t have to bend, much like in front load machines. 

Regarding putting the conditioner, some top load washing machines also have drawers right above the main basket. All you have to do is measure the right amount of conditioner to apply, then place it on the dispenser. 

Hand Washing

Hand washing items of clothing


Aside from the obvious benefit of being more cost-efficient, hand washing is the most delicate method of washing different items. Washing machines tend to toss items around, and this tossing motion can damage them, so if you’re looking for a safer way to wash your clothes or fabrics, hand washing is your best option. 

The proper way to apply conditioners while hand washing is to wash the items using detergent. Right after that process is complete, add a combination of 1 tablespoon of the conditioner and 1 cup of water to the container without directly pouring it onto the clothes. The final step is to leave the items soaked for about a minute or two and then drain them. 

5 Amazing Fabric Conditioners in Singapore

Conditioners don’t just make your items look and feel good; they make washing them more manageable. If you rely on detergents alone, there’s a huge possibility that your items will not come out looking, smelling, or feeling good due to the weather or where you hung your items to dry. 

These factors are what make choosing the right conditioner crucial, and that is because they can prove to be huge game changers in the way you wash your items. 

With that being said, here are the 5 amazingly effective fabric conditioners in Singapore: 

1. Comfort Fabric Conditioner

Comfort Fabric Conditioner Touch of Love


One of the things that experts and customers can agree upon when it comes to Comfort Fabric Conditioner is its ability to make your clothes smell fresh long after they’re washed and worn. In fact, it boasts having what they call the encapsulated fragrance technology that activates when you move and releases the fragrance within. 

You also have the option to choose from different fragrances and pick one that suits you. It’s no secret that one of the keys to feeling clean is smelling clean, and when you use Comfort Fabric Conditioner, all those boxes will be ticked. 

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2. Febreze Fabric Refresher 

Febreze Fabric Refresher Anti Bacteria Spray


Fabric refreshers are products you can use to spray your newly washed clothes, eliminating odour and getting rid of wrinkles on fabrics. While they are used outside of washing, they can still be considered conditioners because they have the same effect on your items as conditioners. 

Febreze offers a wide variety of fabric refreshers, and they all do a great job of making your items smell and feel good. You can take your pick from different scents and various types like anti-bacteria and extra strength sprays, and this allows you to get your items fresh and have the scent you prefer. 

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3. Kodomo New Born Baby Fabric Softener

Kodomo Anti Bacteria Baby Fabric Softener


We all understand how delicate babies’ skin can be, so the items they use should be just as delicate or even more. Kodomo understands how babies should be taken care of; that’s why their products are specifically geared towards them. 

Kodomo’s products serve as detergents and should be used, but their effects are similar to conditioners. These products are also packed with natural ingredients that make it safe for babies to use the items washed by these fabric softeners. 

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4. Pigeon Baby Fabric Wash

Pigeon Baby Fabric Wash


Pigeon is a well-known brand for its high-quality baby products, evidenced by its baby fabric wash. This product is composed of ingredients that make it safe for newborn babies and coming from a trusted brand, you know that it will go above and beyond to provide that protection. 

This fabric wash is also efficient when it comes to eliminating stains on the fabric, and it also makes everything smell good. Pigeon also ensures that the ingredients are 100% organic and with no traces of chemicals, ensuring the safety of your newborn babies. 

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5. X-Pect Anti-Bac Fabric Softener

X-pect anti-bac fabric softener


Much like any conditioner or softener for babies, the X-Pect Anti-Bac Fabric Softener is formulated with your babies’ skin in mind. Certain fabrics are naturally stiff and can be grazing to the skin, but when you use this product, these fabrics will not only feel good but also smell good. 

As with any fabric softener, this product can be applied during the wash, and it works together with the detergent to make your clothes look and feel fresh. Another advantage X-Pect has over the other conditioners and softeners is the amount you’ll get when you purchase this product. With 2000ml of softener, you get twice the amount of softener at just the same price. 

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These are the 5 best fabric conditioners you can find in Singapore. Washing various fabric items can be pretty tedious, but with the help of these products, it doesn’t have to be. If you wish to know where you can get these fantastic conditioners and other similar household products, look no further than myCK

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