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TENA Sanitary Night Pad Discreet 32cm 10’s


SKU: 7310790605525

Skin Health – To assure consumers that TENA® Discreeet are comfortable and friendly to skin

Feels Fresh – To assure consumers that they will feel fresh throughout the day with TENA®  Discreet

New & Improved TENA® Discreet incontinence pads for Night (10s & 20s)  are especially designed with more than 10x DRIER** for women who are experiencing light urinary leak or bladder weakness.

TENA® Discreet Night Pad is suitable for heavy leakage or overnight use. TENA®  Discreet Night Pad has Triple ProtectionTM which protects from leaks, odour and moisture which give you the confidence and stay in control throughout the day.