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Shokubutsu AntiBacterial Deodorzing & Purifying Body Foam Charcoal 900ml


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Shokubutsu Body Wash 900ml
Radiance/Antibacterial / Men Shower Foam

Shokubutsu’s formula helps to melt away the stresses of modern living. Lack of sleep, work-related stress, pollution, bacteria and air conditioned environments can damage the skin and cause premature ageing. Shokubutsu’s unique formula with PCA-NA, a natural moisturizer in skin, works together with the revitalizing power of natural extracts to give you moisturized, healthier skin. Ready to cope with the strains of everyday life.

Antibacterial Charcoal, Deodorizing & Purifying
– Helps purify, deodorize, moisturize and protect the skin against germs.
– With Natural Charcoal, Sake Extract and anti-bacterial agent.
– Leaves your skin feeling refreshed after bath with cooling menthol.
– Refreshing, clean fragrance.