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Kirei Kirei AntiBacterial Lavander HandSoap Refill 200ml


SKU: 8850002035188

Variants :
– Anti Bacterial
– Grape
– Moisturising Peach
– Wild Berry (New)

– Able to Mix across Variants for 6 packet

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap has a unique foaming property and anti-bacterial formulation. It also cares for the skin with peach extracts – naturally rich in Vitamins

Features & details

– It is tough on bacteria yet gentle on skin.
– Provides effective protection against bacteria with anti-bacterial formulation from Lion Japan, yet is mild on skin with 100% cleansing ingredients from plants
– Dispenses creamy foam that helps to clean all parts of hands easily and more thoroughly than ordinary liquid hand soap

Take Note
Refill into Kirei Kirei Foaming Hand Soap bottle only. Foam will not be generated if refilled into other bottle. Wash the bottle and the pump. Dry them well before refilling. Wash the pump without pumping to avoid water remain inside the pump. If there is water inside the pump, foam may not be generated. Place bottle on flat surface and pour content of refill pack into the bottle.