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Gatsby Facial Wipes Paper 15’s


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Facial paper that fully wipes off sweat, sebum and dirt, whenever you want and wherever you are, preventing oily shine
Fresh feeling that refreshes you clearly (Contains menthol (cooling factor))
Removes sebum, prevents oily shine and stickiness (Contains sebum clear factor & Smooth Powder)
Softens old keratins and wipes off clear (Contains keratin softener (salicylic acid))
Large size paper (20cm x 20cm, 100% natural cotton) – one sheet for a full good wipe of the whole face
Wipe off even odor from behind ears and nape
Refreshing pleasant aqua note fragrance (mildly fragrant)

How to Use
OPEN seal where indicated and use one sheet at a time.
To prevent content from drying up, seal pack properly after use

Regular: 15 sheets