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What you need to know from Skin Lightening Body Scrub to Pearl Barley Lotion

1 October, 2018

Writer’s block does exist, particularly at the beginning of each promotion, when we manage to sift the entire mailer in order to shortlist offers to recommend to you in one blogpost – simply because there are too many great buys!

So for this mailer, we decided to let the curiosity lead, to dig out information on some skincare products that intrigue us, hopefully on those you are tempted to give a try but somehow feeling ambivalent about.

Shinzu’i Body Scrub & Body Lotion (Japan)

If packaging often plays a part in your purchasing decision, you will unlikely miss this new additions to our shelves – the line of Shinzu’i products that bring us body scrub, body mist and lotion. Herbal Matsu Oil is the star ingredient in most of the Shinzu’i products. Derived from Matsutake mushroom(a.k.a. Songyi Mushroom), the essential oil has been widely used across Asian countries to fix uneven skin tone, improve skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production. Add Shinzu’i Body Scrub and body lotion to your nighttime skincare routine to expect naturally lightened and smooth skin!

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Oriental Hair Pack 1000ml (Korea)

Not a typical cult Korean brand, but we assure you that Daeng Gi Meo Ri Oriental Hair Pack contains all the essence your hair have ever wanted. We are talking about Keratin, Royal Jelly and Ginseng! Sounds like the whole package? Indeed! Keratin is the type of protein that makes up our hair(even skin & nails). Derived from other fibrous structure in nature, Keratin is applied in this hair pack to give the hair strengthened and glossy appearance. Royal jelly is rich in vitamins and minerals, while it’s also the remedy to dehydrated hair by unblocking hair follicles hence allowing them to absorb nutrients. Needless to say, Ginseng has been a potent ingredient along the haircare history. From preventing hair thinning to keeping dandruff at bay, the oriental herb surely knows its way around.

Kumano Horse Oil Pearl Barley Lotion 500ml (Japan)

Pearl barley is described as the “miracle seed for beautiful skin” – our pursuit for smooth, translucent skin makes a lotion infused with pearl barley extract a no-brainer. Horse oil shares the similar properties as the oil that is produced by human skin therefore it’s easily absorbed and working excellently as moisturising agent and anti-irritant. Used regularly as toner or lotion, the marriage of these two ingredients will surely get your skin to glow from inside out.

Well, from Matsutake Mushroom to Pearly Barley, we assume you have gained some insights on those powerful ingredients that mother nature has bestowed upon us. Have you been fixated on your next must-have? Visit myCK to explore more skincare products from Korea and Japan!:)

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