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What you need to know before buying a smoke alarm

5 June, 2018

What Smoke Alarm Should I Buy for My Home?

This is a question that often baffles us and here we made it easy for you by explaining the different types of smoke alarms and things to take note when installing them at home.

There are basically 2 kinds of smoke alarms: photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms.

Photoelectric smoke alarm, which are most commonly used in homes and powered by 9-volt batteries, have an advantage in that they can sense a slow-burning fire quicker. These fires usually smolder and produce a lot of smoke. The causes of such fires are normally short circuits, cigarettes and embers from fireplaces and take place in carpets, curtaining and furniture upholstery.

Ionization smoke alarms usually sense a fast-burning, flame fire quicker. Fires of this nature usually ignite rapidly, producing large flames with little smoke and tend not to smolder as much. These fires are usually caused by flammable liquids (eg. gasoline, grease and oil) and paper.

How many Smoke Alarms are you supposed to have in your house? A smoke alarm can definitely save lives by warning people of a fire while they are sleeping. It is recommended to have one fire alarm installed in each room except the kitchen area(to minimize false alarms while cooking), which might be costly and alternatively, for single-storey homes, if you only plan to install one smoke alarm, go for the circulation area – common areas such as living room, dining room and corridors – avoid nearing the doors, windows or air-conditioning lest the flow of smoke might be interrupted.

You may mount your smoke alarm at ceiling or high on the wall, either way, keep it between 4 – 12 inches of where the wall and ceiling meet. A smoke alarm can be a permanent fixture in your home yet which doesn’t mean you should just install it and leave it unattended afterwards. Making it into your monthly to-do list to test the smoke alarm simply with the test button to make sure both the battery and sensor are in good condition.

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