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Smart Money-saving Ways To Impress Your Mother-in-law With A Clean Home

21 May, 2019

Need to clean your home at super speed before your mother-in-law arrives?

With a sparkling home and a happy husband, she would be happy to know that your family is well taken care of.

If you are clueless on what household products to use, read this guide to get your home ready for your husband’s other queen! Scoring savings is a plus for being a savvy wife too – you’re welcome!

Start on a positive note

Upon stepping into a house, the first tell-tale sign of a clean home is a non-sticky floor. Don’t forget to sweep, mop and wax the flooring so the only word that comes to your mother-in-law’s mind is “wow”.

Use the X-Pect Concentrated Floor Wax Cleaner with Disinfectant ($4.80 – myCK Anniversary Special Now Till 15 Jun) for fast and effective no-rinse cleaning. Even with different types of flooring in the kitchen, bedroom and living room, this floor wax cleaner works on ceramic, parquet, terracotta, marble and mosaic to achieve that shine. Its anti-bacterial properties help kill the stubborn germs that hide in between the tile gaps and on the surface too.

Keep positive conversations going

Join her on the sofa and have a light-hearted chat about her grandkids or share how much you have saved from your value buys at myCK stores in Singapore. Start with a common topic to ignite open communication and build the bond between you. Share stories about how much the kids love jumping on the sofa and beds, so spilling drinks like milk on furniture is sometimes inevitable.

But you don’t break a sweat as you have found your stain-removal weapon – eliminate unsightly stains with the handy Essence Stain Remover 220ml ($1.80 – myCK Anniversary Special Now Till 15 Jun) to turn your frowns into her smiles. Its planet-loving phosphate-free formula helps keep water quality and algae blooms in-check too since phosphates can led to health and environment issues. You will surely score extra brownie points with your mother-in-law for being an empathetic eco-warrior!

To conceal any musky stench on the fabric sofa and bedding, simply spritz Febreze Fabric Spray (Anti-bacterial – Recommended Retail Price $6.50; FE $6.95) for an instant cover-up! This fabric freshener eliminates 99% of odour-causing bacteria, while its light fragrance lingers for longer to invoke a sense of freshness. Your mother-in-law would be none the wiser – but she might think it’s the air freshener. Will you be sharing your secret?

Pay attention to details

Acts of service is one of the five love languages coined by Dr. Gary Chapman. Paying attention to the nooks and crannies of your home lets her know that her daughter-in-law is meticulous through your actions.

Yellow tinted stains on the toilet bowls are not a welcoming sight, so be sure to rid them before this important lady arrives. Who needs huge muscles to scrub them off? Be smart and pick up a pocket-friendly toilet cleaning helper from a myCK shop.

Squirt the Daiichi Sekken Toilet Liquid Cleaner 500ml ($2.20 – myCK Anniversary Special Now Till 15 Jun) and let this efficient multi-tasker fight stubborn stains, sanitise and kill germs. This chlorine-based toilet cleanser leaves a layer to make it tougher for dirt to stick on. Your mother-in-law would be dazzled when she makes trips to the loo.

Show you care for her

The rising temperatures in Singapore can get unbearable. Besides stocking your kitchen with her favourite drinks, how about sharing the natural goodness of coconut juice with your mother-in-law?

These Yeo’s Can Drink Coconut Juice 500ml (4 for $3.40 – myCK Anniversary Special Now Till 15 Jun) provide a delicious source of hydration, are low in calories, rich in potassium, and fat and cholesterol-free. Showing that you care for her health is a gentle reminder that she has earned a daughter when her son got married.

Try out something fun together

All that rush to get the house looking pristine might leave you looking tired, but that’s no excuse! It’s time to whip out your beauty picks to regain that dewy glow.

If you and your mother-in-law are game for some pampering time together, get ready to slip on Korea’s bestselling skincare brands, Nature Republic Real Nature Mask (2 for $2.20 – myCK Anniversary Sale Now Till 15 Jun). One for each to mask on and relax while watching TV or listening to the radio. Plus, its promotional price makes it super affordable, so how about buying more masks as gifts for her too?

Spending time to get to know your mother-in-law helps build the connection. After all, she is your husband’s mother, so showing your appreciation counts towards nurturing a happy relationship too.

It’s easy to save some cash and keep your home spick and span easily. Celebrate myCK’s 22nd Anniversary and enjoy extra value buys with the Anniversary Sale! myCK department stores offer everyday savings on household cleaning products, baby care, beauty care and more!

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