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Review: Amicell Perfect Energy Products (by @joannaspy)

17 May, 2018

Trying out a new skincare product is definitely exciting but it could also be disheartening if it causes any break-outs. To be frank, that’s the least thing I want to happen to me..

I’ve decided to give Amicell’s new range of skincare products a try as they seem promising and it’s gentle on the skin. What really caught my attention were the Collagen Powder and Aloe Vera Gel Cream.

Short introduction on Amicell:

Amicell is a Korean cosmetic manufacturer whose products have since gained popularity in Korea as they are free of synthetic fragrance, artificial colorings, mineral oil, chemical preservatives, ethanol and benzophenone sunscreen etc. Products are renowned for quality and competitive prices to consumers.

I will give my personal review here after testing out the products for a week!

1) Amicell Perfect Energy White-G Cream (50ML) – $7.90 @ myCK

As the name suggests, this cream is best for whitening and hydration. This product contains the whitening ingredient “Gluththione” which is mainly used for whitening skin treatment at most skin clinics. Pearl extract and vitamins also provide natural whitening effects.

The size of the bottle is compact, which is great for travelling! Absolutely convenient! If you happen to love the whitening effect (like me), you can choose to use it as a day cream before applying your makeup to create a more luminous look. Disclaimer; since it’s a cream based moisturizer, you would be likely to experience a stickier texture on your skin. For me, I would usually wait for the cream to fully sit onto my skin before applying my makeup. If you dislike the sticky feeling on your skin, I would suggest that you use it as an overnight cream for hydration.

Direction of usage: Apply to your face and body and pat in lightly.

It’s been a week of trying out this cream in the morning before heading to work. My complexion definitely looks brighter and more hydrated! Received some compliments from my colleagues too haha! This product works so well at such an affordable price. Truly amazing!

Rating below:

Texture: 6/10 (Slightly sticky and it leaves a thin layer of residue on face)

Hydration: 8/10

Whitening/brightening: 9/10

Price worth: 9/10

No edit or filter. Can you see the obvious colour difference? The left hand is obviously much fairer as compared to the right. This is only after applying one layer, thus the high rating for whitening/brightening.

2) Amicell Premium Aloe Vitamin Waterdrop Cream Essence (50ml) – $7.90 @myCK

This product is best for brightening and natural-looking skin. The texture of it is in a cream form but as soon as it touches the skin, it dilutes into fresh water drops and patented botanical ingredients which instantly hydrates and brightens your complexion! You would experience a cooling minty feeling which I love it! BONUS~ There’s also premium vitamin water that creates a transparent, milky glow on the skin.

Although it’s supposed to be a cream, it absorbs really quickly and even leaves a refreshing feeling on the skin. It is also not sticky at all.

Direction of usage: You can use this product as the last step of your daily skin care routine. Apply an appropriate amount to the face, neck and body. Spread evenly and then tap gently to aid with better absorption.

Rating below:

Texture: 8/10

Hydration: 7/10

Whitening/brightening: 7/10

Price worth: 8/10

3) Amicell Beauty Serum Perfect Energy (50ml) – $7.90 @myCK

Application of serum is actually essential and beneficial to our complexion. Why? You may ask, but do you know that while face creams contains 5-10 percent of active ingredients, a face serum actually contains up to 70 percent! And a face cream is then used to seal these active ingredients into our skin. That is the reason why beauty serums are slightly pricier. myCK is selling beauty serum at only $7.90!! I’ve also tested out the functions and effectiveness of the serum. Here’s the result: (no filter or edit, my face definitely looks more dewy and hydrated after applying the serum)



This beauty serum is highly enriched with anti-aging, skin firming, deep hydrating, whitening+ and skin soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, panthenol, shea butter and beta-glucan which makes this product a steal!

You can mix this serum with “Amicell Perfect Energy Collagen Powder 100” for optimal effect! Information on Amicell Perfect Energy Collagen Powder 100 below…

Direction of usage: Take a few drops and apply on face evenly.

Rating below:

Texture: 8/10

Hydration: 6/10

Whitening/brightening: 7/10

Price worth: 10/10

4) Perfect Energy Shield Cream (50ml) – $7.90 @myCK

Here’s another moisturizer from Amicell which has powerful ceramide-vitamin waterdrop hydrating barrier function. The difference between this and the White-G cream is that this has highly enriched ceramide which helps create protective cells in the outermost skin layer to combat aging, preventing dry and rough skin which may lead to wrinkles forming on our skin. In short, it has anti-aging function and brightening effect! Key ingredients also include centella asiatica extract, hyaluronic acid, panthenol and vitamin waterdrops.

As mentioned, you can use the “Beauty Serum Perfect Energy” first before applying this Perfect Energy Shield Cream as the last skincare regime to lock down the active ingredients! ^^

One more thing I would need to point out! The texture of this cream is lighter and gentler as compared to White-G cream. It’s more like a gel texture which I actually prefer. But of course, this is just my personal preference! I’d recommend this as a day cream before makeup because the absorbent rate is so good.

Direction of usage: Apply to your face and body and pat in lightly.

Rating below:

Texture: 9/10

Hydration: 8/10

Whitening/brightening: 6/10

Price worth: 7.5/10

5) Amicell Cream Perfect Energy Revitalizing (100ml) – $7.90 @myCK

This is an Aloe Vera gel which is best for soothing, moisturizing and after sun-care.

I’ve read so many positive reviews and benefits on Aloe Vera online! Super thrilled to try this one out the moment I’ve received it!

Aloe Vera generally helps with any form of sunburn as it contains powerful healing properties. It acts as a protective layer on our skin & helps replenish moisture, allowing skin to heal faster. Also, Aloe Vera helps to soothe the skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties that would stimulate growth of new cells. If you have inflammatory acnes or pimples, it’s good to apply a layer of Aloe Vera Gel over the affected area. You will definitely see a difference the next morning~

On top of that, of course I would love to use this as a form of moisturizer too, suitable for both face and body! Aloe Vera is known for its hydrating factor to prevent dry skin. Actually, I’ve recommended this gel to my boyfriend and he is now using it religiously day and night. He uses it during the day as an aftershave treatment because Aloe Vera has healing properties, and night time as a moisturizer. He commented that he likes the texture of the gel a lot. The gel cream absorbs really well, being not sticky at all and it’s refreshing on his skin. Glad he likes it too! And with the amount of gel given for $7.90, it’s really worth it…

Direction of usage: Apply it on your face and body – pat in lightly.

Rating below:

Texture: 10/10

Hydration: 8/10

Whitening/brightening: 5/10

Price worth: 8/10

6) Amicell Collagen Powder 100 Perfect Energy (20g/40ml) – $7.90 @myCK

Last but not least, the product that caught my attention the most is definitely the Collagen Powder. Initially, I thought it’s for my consumption but it’s actually for skin care and better still, IT’S ALSO FOR HAIR CARE!

Skin improvement effect: Amazing skin elasticity improvement and wrinkle reduction. Without a doubt, Collagen is important to sustain firmness and elasticity of our skin. Our skin’s collagen production naturally slows down as we age. There is no way we can stop that from happening but we can deter the process, so it’s essential to take collagen supplement or apply skincare with collagens.

There are so many types of skin care containing collagen but this is my first time coming across a collagen powder which is not for consumption but to be applied on skin.

Direction of usage: Pour some onto your palm, mix well with your serum/moisturizer cream and apply directly onto your skin until it dissolves.

Benefits: It has moisturizing effects, whitening effects and rapid nutrition for the skin

Hair improvement effect – Amazing damaged hair revitalization effect. Our hair gets damaged from external environment or by hair styling (dye/perm/straighten/blow dry). Sadly, it’s inevitable for me to have frizzy damaged hair from all the styling. And yes, I have been using hair serums to minimize hair impairment.

Direction of usage: Pour some of the collagen powder to your palm, mix well with your preferred hair serum (any types) and apply it directly onto your hair ends until it’s fully absorbed.

Check out the amazing effect! It’s so effortless! Just a little bit and I can see an obvious difference already.

This is definitely one of my favourite right now!! I can’t wait to stock more of these little babies up! So many benefits and it works amazingly. I love anything with collagen a lot and it’s only selling at $7.90!!

Here’s my verdict!

Rating below:

Texture: 10/10

Hydration: 10/10 (acts as a boost with use of products)

Whitening/brightening: 9/10

Price worth: 10/10 PS: NOT FOR CONSUMPTION

My complete set from Amicell Perfect Energy, which you can find now at myCK! Excited to finish them and replenish the stocks from myCK! It’s been a week of using the products and my skin does not experience any breakouts or any form of reactions. I’m so glad the product from Amicell suits my skin despite having sensitivity problem!

Try it yourselves today and be amazed like me!

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