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myCK National Day Promo Up To 50% Off

6 August, 2018

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In case you just remember that 9 August 2018 is a public holiday but forget why it’s one, here’s a reminder: It’s Singapore’s birthday (yah, we understand: sometimes, we forget our wife’s birthday, too).

And while you are reading this, a lineup of exclusive deals have hit the shelves at myCK, awaiting to be discovered. Because #Nationalday, eh?

As you probably know, National Day is in commemoration of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia. There’s another kind of independence worth mentioning that each of us experiences at some point in life, which is as difficult and painful as separating from Malaysia back in 1965.

Yes, we are talking about moving out from parents’ place, when you start to live on your own.

myCK has decided to dedicate this National Day Promo Shopping Guide to you – the newly weds, the ones who are moving solo, and whoever are struggling to make sense of their household budget (coz who would have expected household expenses to be so expensive?!).

For a Start, How About a FREEBIE?

Nothing is better than a freebie. We as Singaporeans know that better than anyone else.

Now till 15 Aug 2018, at myCK, you’ll get free gift (worth up to $18.90. Subject to availability at each branch) when you purchase following products.

(T&Cs apply. Kindly find out more in stores.)

Who can resist a free gift, right? Our suggestion is to stockpile on them, since you’ll always need them and it’s not every day that free gifts are waiting for you #justsaying

That’s not all and there are good news for parents, too.

Raising kids is not for the faint-hearted, both emotionally and financially.  It’s important for parents to be in the know about the best places to shop for diapers, baby wash et al. If you have not put myCK on the radar then you probably should after today.

Because from now till 15 Aug, here are the offers to catch in the stores:

MamyPoko Pants M42/L34/XL30/XXL24(Boy / Girl)

(Now $12.50)

Huggies Diaper Pants Silver L48/XL40/XXL34

(Now Any 3 for $35.70)

Kodomo Baby Bath Refill 650ml

(Now $3.80)

Kirei Kirei Waterless Hand Cleaner 50ml

(Now $1.80)

Colgate Toothbrush Kids Extra Soft 1’s

(Now $2.20)

Johnson’s Baby Bath 1000ml (Regular/Peach)

(Now $4.80 with PwP)

For those who just moved into the new flats (read: BTO couples), you would slowly, but surely, be familiar with these cleaning agents. It may be daunting at the start trying to suss out the applications of each but soon after you have discovered your “holy grails”, your household skills will be so leveled up.

With them at a discount, it makes cleaning even shiok-er #justsaying

So, after cleaning your house, how about some products for yourself?

After all, you’re more important than the house, right?

Here are some products that are on offer too, because #IAmJustAsImportant

Relvon Hair Color Colorsilk

(Now Any 3 for $8.90)

Veet Hair Romoval Cream 100ml

(Now Any 2 for $8.90)

Shokubutsu Facial Foam 100g

(Now Any 2 for $3.90)

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Wash 532ml

(Now $16.90)

Senka Mask 25ml 1’s (Japan)

(Now $1.75)

Loreal Shampoo & Shower Gel Men 300ml (5 IN 1: Body/Face/Hair/Shave/Moisturise)

(Now $3.95)

At the end of this shopping guide, let’s get excited about the coming public holiday (Happy Birthday, Singapore!) and pick your favorite National Day Printed Tees with myCK.

‘Coz it ain’t a National Day without some red and white T-shirts.

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