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8 Most Effective Cleaning Products for Keeping Your Space Tidy

Cleanliness is next to godliness. As people spend a lot more time in their own home in quarantine, they might be taking an interest in cleaning and tidying these days. Cleaning can be therapeutic when done with good intentions. It is a known fact that when you are cleaning your house, it relaxes your mind and you stop thinking about anything terrible happening around the world. 

We all know how to clean our homes, and it is our responsibility to keep them as neat as possible. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our guests to keep things tidy, but sometimes we don’t find time to do the chores. Cleaning supplies come in many forms, from all-purpose vacuums to cloths and sponges. Whether cleaning feels like a duty or a pleasure, we’ve got you covered with these tested and proven cleaning product recommendations.

  1. Magiclean Toilet Bleach Power Anti Bac Lemon / Anti Bac Regular 500ml

Magiclean Toilet Bleach Power Anti Bac Lemon/Anti Bac can dissolve and remove tough stains, whether yellow or black. It can also kill bacteria in just 2 minutes. With its lemon scent, you can enjoy the freshness of lemon even in your toilet bowl. You will no longer feel embarrassed to show off your newly restored toilet bowl to your friends and family. It also reduces bacteria by up to 95%, ensuring a hygienic environment.

A yellow and Green bottles of Magiclean Toilet Bleach Power Anti Bac Lemon / Anti Bac Regular 500ml

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Product details of Magiclean Magiclean Toilet Bleach Power: 

1. Magiclean Anti-Bac Lemon Toilet Bleach Power: 

  • Dissolves tough stains and kills bacteria in just 2 minutes. 
  • No need to scrub; just flush to restore your toilet bowl to its shiny and clean state. 
  • Improved curved neck design also ensures easy application, even on the inner rims of the toilet bowl. -Refreshing lemon fragrance. 

2. Magiclean Anti Bac Regular Toilet Bleach Power : 

  • Use for solid cleaning and bleaching powder. 
  • It removes stubborn stains and mold effectively, kills germs, and eliminates odor from the toilet bowl. 
  • Plus, its stain-free coating keeps your toilet bowl cleaner for longer.

Product Review: 

“Best toilet bleaching powder ever. I threw away my toilet brush after I started using this.”

  1.  MyCK Kitchen Towel (100% Recycle)

MyCK Kitchen Towel (100% Recycle) is washable and reusable, specially designed for kitchen use. This perfect kitchen paper towel will help you in the kitchen. MyCK Kitchen Towel is practically useful in absorbing oil, fat, and water droplets. It can soak ten times its weight in water, quickly dries and clean spills, even inside the oven and refrigerator. It can also clean the toilet, windows, hardwood floor, and mirrors. Whether you are wiping your countertops, washing your dishes, or drying your hands, this reusable and sustainable accessory will come in handy in every part of your kitchen.

A bundle of two of MyCK Kitchen Towel (100% Recycle) in blue packaging

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Product details of MyCK Kitchen Towel (100% Recycle) 6×50’s: 

  • A great helpmate in the kitchen, MyCK Kitchen Towel assisted in providing an ideal and hygienic environment for every home chef. 
  • Strong and Absorbent.

Product Review: 

“Really affordable house brand kitchen towels with decent quality and absorbency!”

  1. MyCK Laundry Detergent Lavender 5kg

MyCK Lavender Laundry Detergent 5kg is a household essential that can be used daily or as often as you need it. It cleans and washes your clothes effectively while remaining gentle on your skin. It is suitable for any washing machine. Its fresh, lavender scent gently lifts any atmosphere, smelling good all over the place. Its delicate formula leaves the clothes soft, clean, and long-lasting fragrance. It has a unique facility for indoor drying, meaning that the clothing does not need to be taken outdoors to dry.

A violet packaging with lavender picture of MyCK Laundry Detergent Lavender 5kg

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Product details of MyCK Laundry Detergent Lavender: 

  • With Indoor Drying Formula. 
  • Long-lasting fragrance. 
  • Removes multiple layers of dirt, leaving clothes clean. 
  • It has a fresh, lavender scent. 
  • Suitable for Top/Front loading washing machine.

Product Review: 

“I always buy these. Either blue rose or lavender but my fave is lavender cos it smell so floral n sweet! Gonna continue buying as always”

  1. EEKO Floor Cleaner Liquid 1L

Eeko is free from harmful ingredients, making them safe for you, your children, and your pets. Eeko Floor Cleaner is ideal for hard floors such as ceramic, porcelain, and homogeneous tiles, marble, stone, wood laminate, parquet, and vinyl. Apply enough Eeko floor cleaner to cover the whole area where the grime is visible. Leave it to work for 5–10 minutes, then wipe or scrub it off using a mop or cloth.

Three products of EEKO Floor Cleaner Liquid 1L

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Product details of Floor Cleaner Liquid 1L: 

  • Removes oil stains and grease effectively for a non-sticky floor. 
  • Enjoy a comfortable foot feel after cleaning. 
  • Dries quickly with no watermark. 
  • Suitable for all surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain and homogeneous tiles, marble, stone, wood, laminate, parquet and vinyl.

Product Review:

“Items delivered well-packed and in good condition. My favourite floor cleaner. Just a little amount is enough to leave my floor clean and non-sticky.”

  1. Magiclean Wiper Mop 1 Set

The Magiclean Wiper Mop can wipe away dust and hair from your floor surface. This innovative wiper mop is designed for both dry and wet mopping, making it the perfect companion for homes with both hardwood floors and area rugs. The ultra-slim head is designed to reach narrow spaces and clean corners using a 360° dust-catching pattern.

A girl holding a mop in the packaging

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Product details of Magiclean Wiper Mop Set: 

  • Clean up dust and hair with one wipe! 
  • One single tool is all you need for Dry and Wet cleaning 
  • Ultra-slim head reaches narrow spaces, and 360 ° dust-catching pattern improves overall dust trapping ability 
  • No more hassle or mess with brooms and tedious mops

Product Review:

“Include wiper mop stick, 1 sample wet wiper and 1 sample dry wiper which can use only one time. So, you have to buy wiper packet separately. It is nice and easy to clean the floor.”

  1. Magiclean Bathroom Refreshing Lemon Cleaner Trigger / Refill 500ml

Cleaning the bathroom can be tedious, but with this powerful spray and wipe product, Magiclean Bathroom Refreshing Lemon Liquid Cleaner can make your bathroom sparkling clean. Magiclean Bathroom Refreshing Lemon Cleaner leaves the bathroom with a refreshing lemon scent, squeaky clean and spotless. Its light foaming agent penetrates and removes tough grease or oil stains in one wipe. You can visibly see and feel the power of foam technology at work.

A yellow packaging of Magiclean Bathroom Refreshing Lemon Cleaner Trigger / Refill 500ml

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Product details of Magiclean Bathroom Refreshing Lemon Cleaner Trigger / Refill:

  • Instant stain-dissolving foam formulated by Japan advanced R&D for powerful removal of greasy stains in 1 wipe.
  • New & improved with dirt-lifting foam technology.
  • Spray and rinse off, making bathroom cleaning an absolute breeze.
  • Refreshing Lemon fragrance.

Product Review:

“Have been using this brand. It’s the best in the market. I’ll just spray on the dirt or mold let it sit for a few seconds then rinse it away. Love this so much, my go to brand. Shipping and delivery was kind of slow but the deal was great! Came in a box, wrapped with cling wrap. Will buy again!”

  1. Magiclean Stain & Mold Refill / Trigger 400ml

Are you tired of scrubbing at mold spots in your bathroom and breathing in that nasty odor? While you might scrape away at it with a toothbrush, you’re probably not going to get the mold stains or lingering odors out of those hard-to-reach areas. Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover is a one-step cleanser that removes stubborn stains and mold in just 5 minutes. With regular usage, this product helps prevent mold’s appearance. It uses powerful foam that penetrates deeply to remove and wipe out stubborn stains and avoid mold roots.

Magiclean Stain & Mold Refill  in blue packaging

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Product details of Magiclean Stain & Mold Refill / Trigger: 

  • Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover’s powerful foam penetrates deeply to remove and wipe out stubborn stains and mold roots rapidly! It also helps to prevent the accumulation of the mold with regular usage. 
  • Eliminates stubborn stains and mold in the bathroom in just 5 minutes. 
  • Powerful foam penetrates deeply to remove and wipe out stubborn stains and mold roots rapidly. 
  • Also helps to prevent the appearance of the mold with regular usage.

Product Review:

“Well packed and delivered. Good well known product i used for many years. Good deal and save my trouble when I buy online.”

  1. Glade Air Freshener Solid Gel 170g

Glade Air Freshener Solid Gel helps fight and eliminate tough odors with its potent fragrance for a fresh and unique aroma in your home. It also gets rid of smelly air, making your home smell fresh. Glade Air Freshener Solid Gel is simple to use and adjust to release just the right amount of new fragrance. This helps eliminate odors from all small areas like bathrooms, washing rooms, sleeping quarters, laboratories, studios, and even your car. It’s easy, quick, and convenient.

Glade air freshener with flowers in green packaging

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Product details of Glade Air Freshener Solid Gel:

  • Glade Air Freshener Solid Gel is a deodoriser and air freshener fragrance mix with exclusive technology that provides long-lasting fragrance and odour elimination for our homes, offices, cars, and beyond. 
  • Its adjustable holder allows you to easily control the level of fragrance to fit any small to medium area you choose perfectly.

Product Review:

“Fast delivery and well packed! Smells good for a refreshner! Will buy more!??

What are the Benefits of Cleaning?

  1. Keeping your bedroom clean may help you sleep better

If you’re can’t sleep well at night, it might be because you’re not treating your room as a sleep sanctuary. It’s no secret that clean sheets are a must when getting a good night’s sleep. Try making your bed every morning and keeping your bedroom neat and organized to help clean up and maximize the space in your house. Simply changing the sheets on your bed regularly can help enhance how you feel as you prepare for sleep.

  1. Cleaning can improve your overall health

Believe it or not, whether or not your home is clean can have a severe impact on your health. Within just hours of a messy space becoming clean, the stress hormone level in people drops significantly, in addition to causing them to feel more energized and positive. Keeping a clean, healthy space is essential, and it can help keep germs at bay, giving you a happier and less stressful life.

  1. Cleaning reduces stress

No matter how much you love your home, it’s easy to let clutter take over. It can be hard to find time to clean when you’re busy with work or family life and even harder to find the motivation to do so when you’re feeling stressed. But face it, a clean house once in a while is good for your mental health. Cleaning your home may be a drag, but it may also help you de-stress. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, taking the time to clean can be just what your body and mind need. Plus, plenty of studies have shown that cleaning your home can be therapeutic.

  1. It will lower your risks of having injury

Keeping your house clean and organized can decrease the chance of injury. Leaving loose stuff around like toys may increase the chances of trips and falls. Closing doors and gates behind you as you go around your home is an excellent way to help prevent children from wandering off into danger. If there are stacks of boxes or other large piles, they can easily fall on someone and injure them. Organizing it all can make a massive difference in the overall safety of your home.

  1. Cleaning can reduce Allergies

In addition to cleaning every day, there are several other ways of reducing indoor allergens. Regular deep cleaning is the ideal way to keep the dust and other irritating allergens from home under control. Throw away old and torn pillows, blankets, and sheets that aren’t being used, as these can be a significant source of allergens. Wash clothes frequently in hot water and with an extra-strength detergent to remove allergens from fabrics or rinse them thoroughly after wearing. Remove trash quickly so that it doesn’t accumulate and turn into another source of allergens.

  1. Sanitation can keep you from bad bacteria and germs

When you use disinfectants to clean your house, you destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that can harm your health. Germs and bacteria such as E. coli, staph, and salmonella are targeted by powerful cleansers, and they cause many foodborne diseases and infections. Sanitizing surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms of the house will help you stay safe from these potentially harmful microorganisms.

  1. You’ll be more productive

Cleaning gets you moving. It’s simple, but it’s true. Cleaning the house may not burn as many calories as a full-fledged workout session, but it is far more physically demanding than relaxing on the couch. Keeping your home clean ensures that you get some exercise throughout the week.

  1. You might eat healthier foods

Creating a clean, organized space can make you feel better about your life. Also, it helps you relax and make you more likely to prioritize healthy, nutritious foods like fresh fruits and veggies. A particular study found that people who had recently cleaned or organized their space were twice as likely to choose apples over chocolate bars as those who hadn’t kept a tidy home. These connections become less powerful the same way that any habit does. Every time you pick up your car or house keys when they fall on the floor, and every time you add a new item to your clutter-free space, you’re reinforcing your clean and healthy habits.

  1. You can be safe from sickness 

While cleaning might not be the most exciting thing to add to your list of weekend chores, it is essential for a healthy life. With busy schedules, even the best-kept households can get messy over time. Stepping on dust bunnies and crumbs in your living room and navigating dirty dishes piled in your kitchen sink is unhealthful and simply unpleasant. If you want to feel better throughout the day and stay healthy, you need to clean more often. Cleaning can keep you from getting sick since fewer germs and bacteria will be in your home.

  1. Cleaning reduces mold

Molds are organisms that grow in damp areas with low light. When it starts growing in your home, it can cause allergies, cold and flu-like symptoms, asthma attacks, breathing problems, and other severe health problems. Regular cleaning and inspections are the best way to control mold growth.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean?

  1. Dust mites will invade your home and aggravate your allergies

A clean house is a happy house. But if you don’t vacuum regularly, pollen and pet fur can build up, making your allergies worse. A messy house can be a hazard to your health, not just to your sense of smell. The allergens make you sneeze, wheeze, and itch if you have allergies or asthma.

  1. Your house will smell bad

Don’t let yourself live in a smelly house. If you do, the smell quickly seeps into your clothes, your bed, and even into your hair. The cleanliness of your home is an indication of your being, so it’s essential to regularly clean for short periods instead of spending hours cleaning after you haven’t washed for weeks.

  1. Your bathroom will quickly turn into a biohazard

The bathroom is indeed primarily self-cleaning. But if you don’t clean it, a few problems could arise. A dirty toilet is never a good thing, and don’t wait until it’s too late. Clean your bathroom at least once per month.

  1. You will get sick because of molds

Mold is a common problem, whether from being too hot or too cold outside. The first way to avoid mold is to keep your home clean, including bathrooms. Mold can also be introduced into your home by new construction, or even unused items left in your home can cause mold. Two types of mold are toxic because they can release spores called Stachybotrys chartarum and cladosporium sphaerospermium. It has been said that people exposed to the toxins could be at risk for serious health problems, including asthma, cancer, and pulmonary disease, which would cause the victim to suffer an infection in their lungs and brain.


Nothing makes someone feel better than a clean house; there’s something strangely soothing when you walk around and don’t see any dirt or grime. As much as cleaning helps us physically since it can count as an exercise, it can also help us psychologically. Seeing a clean house gives us a sense of orderliness, and a sense of accomplishment, since we have rid our surroundings of things that are out of place. 

All of this isn’t possible without the proper tools for the job. As much as we want to clean the dirt with just a brush and an iron will, the hard-to-clean ones require the appropriate cleaners packed with the right chemicals to remove the bacteria on the surfaces altogether.  

The products listed above don’t just get the job done; they do it masterfully. Having these products means you will never see cleaning as a chore anymore. The ease with which you can clean your area is doubled with these cleaners and tools around. If you are still looking for the perfect cleaning companion, give these myCK products a try, and you will never have to look for other products again. 

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