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Ingredients To Avoid When Shopping For Baby Care Products

2 November, 2018

Becoming parents activates our “student mode”. Remembering the days when we buckled down school projects with tons of research? Here we are – up to our necks in myriads of information about how to take care of a baby, and often get swamped by them at some point.

In the “School of Parenting”, shopping for baby products alone can be a heavy module to deal with. We are lucky raising kids in an era where we will never be deprived of choices at shopping. However, as the lifestyle is getting more sophisticated, our anxiety level soars. We all have been there, scrutinizing the ingredient list on a bottle of baby bath or devouring content page by page on internet to find out if a product is safe for the baby.

Here we put together a non-exhaustive list of the ingredients to avoid in baby products. The following information are based on online sources and may contain inconclusive facts. Hopefully it can give new parents a head start in determining what to watch out.

Talc: There are probably two types of parents around you, one firmly say NO to any talcum based baby products while the other don’t take talc as a big deal. Talc, the softest mineral on earth, has its prowess at absorbing moisture, which has made talcum powder the popular ingredient in many beauty and personal care products, case in point, baby powder. Sounds legit? Wait for it. What went awry was that some people assumed that PURE talcum powder did not exist in the market as talc tend to blend with “asbestos”, a naturally occurring mineral that is known to have carcinogenic effect at inhalation, along the mining process. Apparently, others believe that, with proper selection of mining sites and quality assurance, talcum powder are not as fearsome as we speculate. Side note to worried parents, if you are looking for an alternative of talc-based powder to keep your baby away from rashes, check out other cornstarch-based products!

Mineral Oil: Ironically, mineral oil still remain the main ingredient in most of the baby oil products we see and buy everyday. Baby’s skin is extra-sensitive and particularly vulnerable to harsh ingredients and we want you to remove “mineral oil” from your baby’s current skincare regimen for a reason – mineral oil often act as plastic wrap on the skin thus clog the pores and cripple skin’s natural process of releasing toxins. To take care of baby’s delicate skin, you can absolutely go for natural nourishing oil such as coconut oil which contains lauric acid, a substance found in breast milk, alongside other antioxidants.

Parabens: Parabens refer to a class of preservatives that are widely used in cosmetic and toiletry products(including baby care products). More and more products claim themselves as Paraben Free even before we manage to figure out what they actually are. Parabens are typically adopted to prolong shelf life by preventing the growth of bacteria within the products – they’re also said to be able to enter your body through your skin and remain within tissue(this doesn’t sound pleasant, we know). Although you don’t need to switch your entire bathroom cabinet immediately at reading this graf as our daily essentials contain very low percentage of parabens in formulations, you are always advised to pay heeds to the ingredients and keep your everyday life as Paraben Free as possible.

Fragrance: A product that contains fragrance isn’t necessarily hazardous. It somehow still made into this list because of its vague definition. Fragrance per se is a catch-all term, which means we own little information about the chemical make-up behind each type of fragrance and the manufacturers are not obligated to disclose the detailed formulations. Depending on varied ingredients, some fragrances are linked to symptoms of asthma, eczema and even neurological problems.

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