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How To Score All The Right Deals With myCK During Sales Season?

25 June, 2018

Shopping in Sales Season is fun but it can be overwhelming sometimes. We are talking about entering into the shop and instantly all the promotion messages are thrusted into your sight, one second you are calculating to meet the threshold of Purchase with Purchase, the other second you find your favorite lotion brand on the shelve and only realize with disappointment that the discount doesn’t apply to your go-to formula. Here’s what you do when shopping with myCK in order to save a dime while scoring all the offers you need. Bonus? We will also walk you through some great offers from our ongoing Score With Savings promotion (now till 15 July)!

Tip 1: Before dropping by the shop, if you have a few minutes to spare, simply visit myCK website to have a glance over the latest offers on the fly. Here’s the link to even save your time for navigating:

Tip 2: Grab a mailer in the shop! This is important as the mailer has sifted the popular deals across the shop floor and categorized them for easy access. The mailer can be found at cashier counter. More often there’re limited copies at each shop so once you spot it, don’t let it go!

Tip 3: Stay tuned to our Social Media channels! As you may have noticed, myCK is currently on Facebook(, Instagram( and this blog. These are no doubt the best venues to get the nuts and bolts of our promotions. Now, follow closely, here are some hand-picked offers (now till 15 July 2018) that will pique your interest.

LAFFAIR Face Mask (Korea) – Any 2 for $2.80 for Animal Mask / Any 2 for $3.20 for 3-Step Skin Renewal

Here’s the thing, there’re obviously too many Korean sheet masks in the market and we are sometimes desensitized and rather stay safe with our current choice. Having said that, L’AFFAIR, however, is totally worth a try. Both masks we are featuring today have been around for a while and you can easily search for product reviews online before the purchase. The 3-Step Skin Renewal mask is pretty amazing as each sheet is accompanied by cleanser and ampoule to complete a no-frills skincare routine(idyllic for travel too).

Amicell Perfect Energy (Korea) – $6.50 EACH (U.P. $7.90)

You may have come across Amicell Perfect Energy products at myCK, got enticed by the fresh design of their boxy packaging and then walked away because you were not sure if they were good for you. Fret not! We have done detailed product reviews for their entire range of products in our past blogpost and you can view it here

Febreze Fabric Refresher 800ml (Anti-bacterial) – Any 2 for $10

Is fabric Refresher already a fixture in your home? It helps eliminating odors (and germs!) from smelly fabric – Curtain, Bedding, Clothes, Couch, Carpet and even the beds of your furry friends. Be careful when used on delicate fabric that don’t do well with water spotting.

Ocean Health Collajoint Pure Collagen Powder 300g – $48.50 with PwP (w/o PwP $66.90)

Collagen does not only give us bouncy skin, but also stimulate the growth of our cartilage which wear off constantly as we age or after intense exercise. With this in mind, Collajoint Pure Collagen Powder is designed to improve flexibility and speed up recovery of joints. Now till 15 July, under our Purchase with Purchase promo, you can snatch it at almost $20 less while redeeming one free bottle of Ocean Health Glucosamine 750+ (worth $9.75).

Well, there are simply too many good stuff to share from the ongoing promotion and the list would go on and on, we will stop here and leave you to explore online or in the stores. Love to hear from you of your favorite offers! ?

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