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Essentials for Traveling (by @xchubbykitty)

12 April, 2018

I know sometimes thinking of what to pack in your luggage is hard, like there is a connection error in your brain where you just stare blankly not doing anything and when you leave for your trip, you realised you forget about this or that. [That’s me, probably i will forget at least one thing to bring over & i had to spent the unnecessary money on it.] Finally i got it all figured out, I’ve learned that thankfully, with a few staple items, you can travel to just about anywhere without having to worry about the cost you need to spend purchasing those essentials.

What to Wear

Since My Trip was to Taiwan, & this time of the month is their Summer time hence the clothes to bring over is pretty light weighted. Helps to save alot of space as jeans will not be needed. Usually i will always bring an extra set, just in case there is any unforeseen circumstances, what’s more buying along the streets of Taiwan may not be that cheap either. So judging base on the number of days i went, here’s what i packed:

2x Socks

1x Jacket (You wouldn’t need those thick jacket, just a thin one to cover up in the plane)

2x Bottoms (Skirt or Shorts)

5x Tops 1x Dress

2x Sleeping gown

14x Undergarments

1x Sunglasses

1x Flip flops (Just in case you dont feel like wearing shoes)

Where to get Travel Size Toiletries

Often people always ask where to get those Travel Size kind of Toiletries and standard answers will be Watson, Guardian, NTUC etc. But the price wise is still quite costly. Let me tell you a hidden gem i have found! I headed down to myCK since it’s nearby my place wanting to get some toiletries instead of getting it oversea which they only sell in the bigger bottle. & Guess what! THEY HAVE IT IN TRAVEL SIZE! A whole range of it. I promise i will snap a picture of it when i’m there again, but you should check it out! Their travel size shampoo ranges from Head & Shoulder to Sunsilk and many more. I mean for shampoo and conditioner wise to travel overseas is a little unnecessary to carry such big bottles. This is definitely the best place to pick your travel kit! The range of their shampoo should be less than $2! Even their makeup remover here is damn cheap, cheaper than NTUC? #savemoney. Here’s what i shopped when i went to just get some travel essentials:

1x Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

1x Lifebuoy Body Soap

1x Dove Total Damage Treatment Conditioner

1x Nivea Whitening Powder

1x HK Tissue Paper

1x Beautex Wet Wipes

1x Bifesta Water-Based Makeup Remover

1x Oral B Tooth Brush

1x Colgate Tooth Paste

1x Hada Labo Facial Wash

On Side note, Since i’m already getting some essential and i happened to pass by the Snacks & Sweets section at myCK, i just cant resist to get stuff to munch onboard the plane!


I believe most bloggers will definitely have their camera along, hence spare battery is definitely a must! I also usually bring a tripod when i travel cause i don’t really fancy asking strangers to help us take a photo or i might just want to take myself when the rest are busy. Not forgetting the chargers for all the devices that you bring, with that i thing you need to check the country that you visiting as an adapter might be necessary.

Anything else?

Yes definitely that’s not the end! I always have a habit to bring a small bag where i can fit my handphone, wallet, pen, passport, etc… and something similar to a Daffel Bag when i travel just in case I over buy & my luggage has no space. This Duffel Bag was found in myCK, it comes in a compact form about the size of my hand but when you open up, it will look like this. In addition, i also like to bring ziplock bags or normal big plastic bag along so i can dump all my dirty clothes in it.

Let me share with you guys a tip! Okay maybe two tips. Usually, I try to plan out my outfits and try things on beforehand so I’m not rummaging through my suitcase thinking I have nothing to wear. Also, i pre-pack them into ziplock bags and roll it so your luggage will have more room for new stuff! Another tip will be to check myCK out if you wanna travel overseas. Their product range of travel essential i tell you is, WOOOHOOO. What’s more is not even expensive, you can save about $5 – $7 on your travel essential as compared to where i always purchase at last time, why not. Every cent counts right. Hope this help you get on track on what you should pack and where to get those essentials! Signing off.

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