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Create A Natural Makeup Look

21 August, 2018

(Guest Blogger: @xchubbykitty)

Not something I usually do, but yes i finally got a chance to do it out of my busy schedule! Cheers. Since school has started and alot are asking how do i put on my makeup to school and yet still dont look like i have put much, let me guide you through.

So i got my Silky Girl product at myCK, #SaveMoneyOnMakeup; i believe Silky Girl is quite a renowned brand, so for those who dont already know; They offers a complete range of high quality color cosmetics that will meet the needs of discerning consumers in both the urban and suburban markets.

Magic BB White Chiffon – 02

For just a basic look, the first step will usually be the foundation. This all-in-one powder foundation packs a whole lot of beneficial ingredients for flawless luminous skin, and feels chiffon-light on skin too. Contains β-White, White Strawberry Extract Mixed Berries Extract and Thanaka Powder that brightens, smoothens and moisturises skin feeling refreshed after application. If you’re applying powder foundation over another layer of foundation, like liquid foundation, be particularly gentle. You do not want to risk smudging your base coat of foundation.

Perfect Brow Liner & Powder

This is my favorite so far, i really love how easily it can be drawn on my brows letting me create the perfect brows that i want. The new brow liner & powder has a dual-ended retractable brow pencil with a pencil tip to shape and a powdered tip to fill-in brows, for perfect 3D brows that’s fuller and more defined.

PhotoSharp Contour & Highlighter Stick

This contour & highlight stick is dual-ended, comprising a dark shade (contour) to add depth and dimension for that ubersculpted look, and light shade (highlight) that’s infused with metallic pigments made out of fine pearls to add glow, in order to feature and create a luminous sheen with the power of strobe effect. It’s formulated for Asian skin and what’s more is that it Containts Bisabolol(Chamomule Essential Oil extract) to care for sensitive skin.

#smalltricktolearn, you can try using the dark shade (contour) and use it for ur eyeshadow too.

I always love having contour and highlight palette as it can always be use for so many things, such as eyebrows, eye shadow, contour and highlight itself definitely, etc.

Shine-free Loose Powder

A translucent loose powder for that finishing touch after your liquid foundation. This product gives you a soft and natural look. Eliminates shine with its oil-free formula.

I don’t really put lipstick everyday unless i have like proper makeup on if not i will just leave home just like this. With myCK being located at most of our neighborhood, you can get many more affordable skincare and makeup products without having to go to a mall just to get it. Head over to their website to check out on the location which is nearest to you –

Hope you find this tutorial good, Signing off. xoxo.

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