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Chinese New Year is almost here! And it’s time to start stocking up some goodies to give to your relatives and colleagues as a token of appreciation.

If you love Chinese New Year, there’s no doubt that you will look forward to trying out various snacks available. But sometimes, the selection can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to find good ones outside Chinatown. Find out the best CNY snacks you can get at the lowest price in Singapore!

Chinese snack in rolls

What is Chinese New Year all about?

Chinese New Year is the most important event in Chinese culture. It is one of the most anticipated festivals for people in China and other Asian countries. People celebrate Chinese New Year to give thanks for a good harvest and abundance of life.

The primary day for the Chinese New Year celebration falls between January 21st and February 20th and lasts for 15 days. The festival includes fireworks, lanterns, traditional dancing, and parades to bring good fortune to the people.

Having Chinese New Year snacks is one of the most critical activities during the holiday. Eating them together with family members means you have something to be thankful for and brings you good luck in the coming new year. 

There are many kinds of CNY snacks that you can choose from. The most common ones are food made of glutinous rice, peanuts, walnuts, etc. Different regions have their unique recipes for these foods; for example, sesame candy from Sichuan Province and dumplings from Shanghai are well-known all over China. 

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, many stores sell a variety of snacks, such as red bean buns, dumplings, mooncakes, and so on. Almost every store is packed with people buying these snacks in preparation for Lunar New Year’s Day. This shows that opening Chinese New Year snacks is a must-do tradition of Chinese people when celebrating the festival.

Chinese New Year Celebration in all red decoration

CNY Snacks emphasize the traditional aspect of the food

Food is an essential part of Chinese New Year celebrations. It is a way to communicate with the gods and ancestors and express love and care to family members.

There are many kinds of Chinese snacks for kids and adults to enjoy, such as Tangyuan (Soup Balls), Laiwua (Rice Cakes), Guoba (Bamboo Shoot Cake), Bingtuan (Water-Moon Cake), Nian Gao (New Year Cake), and many more.

Before the festival, it is best to buy ahead of time to not worry about them getting sold out. You can buy them from supermarkets, street stalls or local markets. Or you can also make some of them at home by yourself.

But do you know what New Year’s snacks you should try in Singapore? If not, here is a comprehensive list of the best Chinese New Year Snacks in Singapore.

Fried Dumpling

The Best 15 CNY Snacks in Singapore

1.    Almond Cookies

The product is made from a mixture of Butter, Sugar, Egg Powder, Almond Nuts, and some other premium ingredients. You can give it to your kids because it does not contain any preservative or food coloring. One of its best features is almonds, making them healthier and nutritious for your loved ones.

Almond Cookies in a jar

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2.    Cornflake Cookies

These cornflake cookies are one of those delicious CNY snacks that will surely bring you back to your childhood years. These cookies are a great treat for an afternoon tea, leaving you feeling satisfied, healthy, and happy. 

Cornflakes cookies in a jar

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3.    Shrimp Rolls

Shrimp Rolls contain enough shrimp to get you through the day. They are conveniently packed in a jar and have no artificial ingredients or preservatives. These rolls won’t leave you feeling like you’re cheating on your diet either because they only have a few calories. The best part is they don’t have that strong fishy smell that you get with other brands. 

Shrimp rolls

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4.    Arrowhead Chips

These Arrowhead Chips have a unique taste that no other chip can offer. In one bite, you get a satisfying crunch since they are baked in perfection. They’re also low in fat and cholesterol, which is great if you’re watching your weight.

Arrowhead Chips in a jar

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5.    Pineapple Rolls

Pineapple Rolls are made using rice flour and pineapples. It’s a delicious and nutritious snack perfect for this coming Chinese New Year. You can also enjoy these Pineapple Rolls with your family and friends on any occasion.

Pineapple Rolls

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6.    Chocolate Wafer Sticks

Chewly Chocolate Wafer Sticks are the perfect chocolate snack for kids. It has a unique and delicious flavor that melts in your mouth, and you will never look at wafer sticks the same way again.

Chewly wafer stick chocolate in a jar

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7.    Nonya Love Letters

Nyonya love letters have a chewy texture and are quite tasty. The unique thing about this snack is that it is in the shape of a letter. This snack can be your go-to snack whenever you’re craving something sweet. 

Chewly snack in a jar

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8.    Pineapple Cakes

Butter Pineapple Cakes are filled with rich and creamy butter. Once you taste this, it will be the most delicious pineapple cake you’ve ever had. It can be a great treat for breakfast, dessert, or anytime you want. You’ll never go back to ordinary cakes once you’ve tried this pineapple-flavored beauty.

butter pineapple cake sealed in a jar

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9.   Peanut Candies

Sing long peanut candies are made from quality peanuts. It has a light and crispy texture, and it is not greasy. It is small in size, which makes it easy to eat. These peanut candies taste better than your standard peanuts and have more health benefits. The high protein content of peanuts also helps to reduce blood cholesterol and obesity.

Sing long peanut candy in a pink packaging

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10. Peanut Cakes

Peanut cakes are a classic Chinese delicacy made from peanuts and flour. This is a type of cake you will fall in love with at first bite because it is sweet and savory. The peanut cake is so creamy that it melts right in your mouth.

Sing long peanut cake in pink packaging

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11.  Kuih Bangkit

Kuih Bangkit is a traditional dessert made during the Chinese New Year Celebration. It is made of glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, and other quality ingredients. The essential component of this kuih is the “bangkit,” which means “to float.”

Sing long product in a jar

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12. Peanut Puff

A peanut puff is a sweet snack popular in East Asia, especially in Singapore and Malaysia. They contain a rich peanut flavor that makes you want to return for more. Enjoy the full flavour and crunch when you toss one right into your mouth! If savouring the taste slowly is your thing then we recommend taking a huge mouthful to bite into the crispy crust that is baked to perfection!

Peanut puff in red packaging

13. Love Letters

Sing Long snacks are made from a selection of premium ingredients, including rice and flour, which are commonly used in the daily diet of Asians. Love letters are an irresistible snack that is highly popular during chinese new year.

Sing long snack in red packaging

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14. Prawn Rolls

These Prawn Rolls are made with premium ingredients to ensure the taste and quality of the product. This product is perfect for those who want to bring a taste of Singapore home. 

Sing long prawn rolls in red packaging

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15. Yee Sang

Yee Sang is an annual tradition right before the Chinese New Year. It is mixed with fresh vegetables and other ingredients such as lean meat, shiitake mushrooms, abalone, and fish cake. Yee Sang is generally served on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

Sing Long Loh Hey Yee Sang snacks in yellow and red packaging

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Where to get CNY snacks in Singapore?

The food in Singapore is an exciting mix of many different cultures. Singaporeans are always up for a good holiday celebration, and this year will be no exception. If you want to buy some CNY snacks then myCK Department store has it all for you. The snacks they sell give you a taste similar to what you get back home. 

In the end, while most of the snacks mentioned above bring great quality snacks, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. There are many other shops with different CNY-related offerings in Singapore, but myCK is the only one that stands out that offers a one-stop destination for CNY snacks and many more!


Chinese snacks are the favorite things to get during the Chinese new year celebrations. It is a tradition that dates back years with the history of how some families would make special treats for their relatives, creating more of a family bond. 

myCK has a line of snacks you can find in your local supermarket or specialty Asian market and you can find the best CNY snacks at myCK!

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