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Top 5 CNY Home Cleaning Essentials


With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, necessary preparations are being made. Among these crucial preparations is the house cleaning ritual called “da sao chu.” The idea behind this ritual is to welcome the new year with a clean space to bring good energy in and for the clean area to serve as the standard for the whole year. 

With heavy cleaning being expected before crossing over to a new lunar year, people are looking for the most efficient cleaning materials available. Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t the most exciting thing to do, especially when you’re looking forward to the festivities. Still, since there’s no other way around it, you might as well equip yourself with efficient cleaning materials that will make things easier for you. 

In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 CNY cleaning essentials and how they will make welcoming the new year smoother and cleaner. 

Da Sao Chu 

Da sao chu is the ritual cleaning associated with Chinese New Year. The Chinese believe that cleaning dust off of different parts of the house is tantamount to driving off the old energy the house has, specifically the bad ones. The ritual symbolizes the welcoming of a new year with a fresh outlook on life or a clean slate. 

However, cleaning should be finished before midnight because the Chinese believe that once midnight has passed, the new and good energy is already inside the house. After midnight, cleaning the house would negate all the good energy that came in when they welcomed the new lunar year. 

This ritual cleaning, among many other rituals associated with the Chinese New Year, makes the celebration special and unique. If you’re from the outside looking in, experiencing Chinese New Year for the first time is an experience unlike any other. If you are among the ever-growing Chinese population worldwide, this is one way to pay homage to your culture and remember your ancestors’ wise teachings. 

Top 5 CNY Cleaning Essentials

Now that we’ve covered the importance of Da Sao Chu, let us discuss the essential materials which will help you clean your area and honor your tradition more efficiently. 

Here are the top 7 CNY cleaning essentials: 

  1. Eeko Floor Cleaner
Eeko Floor Cleaner


Oftentimes, after using a floor cleaner, it tends to be sticky or slippery. You don’t have to worry about those things with the Eeko floor cleaner because of its ability to dry quickly without leaving watermarks and the tendency not to make you slip or be too sticky. 

You can also use this floor cleaner on different surfaces like marble, wood, and vinyl. Some surfaces might require a specific kind of cleaner to be used, but with the Eeko Floor Cleaner, you can clean any surface. 

Of all the different stains or dirt you might encounter inside your house, nothing is more challenging to clean than oil stains on non-sticky surfaces. The Eeko Floor Cleaner also removes these pesky stains and makes the floor look brand new.

Eeko Floor Cleaner Product Page

  1. MyCK Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner
myCK Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner


The most common problem people encounter when using floor cleaners is the sticky feeling these cleaners leave after using them. MyCK addresses this problem by eliminating surfactants and other synthetic ingredients that might cause that to happen. 

This floor cleaner can also quickly adapt to different surfaces, eliminating the need to use unique cleaning materials for specific surfaces. When buying the myCK Floor Cleaner, you also can choose between the lavender and the ocean fresh scents. 

The myCK Floor Cleaner doesn’t just eliminate bacteria efficiently; it also smells good, which adds to the excitement of welcoming the new lunar year. 

MyCK Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner Product Page

  1. Magiclean Wiper Mop
Magiclean Wiper Mop


No cleaning session is complete without a mop involved, and for someone about to welcome a new beginning, the Magiclean Wiper Mop is one of the CNY home cleaning essentials. The ultra-slim head and the long handle make hard-to-reach areas easier to access and clean. The mop head design also has a 360° dust cleaning capability, covering a wide area. 

This mop also boasts a one wipe cleaning ability due to the width of the head and the materials used for the cloth. Transitioning from dry surfaces to wet ones is also a breeze because the Magiclean Wiper Mop can adapt to different types of surfaces quickly and easily. 

If you are looking for a mop that can tackle different situations and types of dirt, the Magiclean Wiper Mop is your best bet. 

Magiclean Wiper Mop Product Page 

  1. Peri Kitchen Towel
Peri Kitchen Towel


Those assigned to kitchen cleaning duties won’t have to dread the act anymore with the Peri Kitchen Towel in tow. This kitchen towel is made up of 100% pulp, ensuring its absorption ability is top-notch. The ability of this towel to adapt to different surfaces is also one of its most vital features. 

Being strong and absorbent, you can use the Peri Kitchen Towel for both liquid and solid stains, and the amount of rolls you will get for such a low price is a steal. If you are having trouble with paper towels that crumble after use, give the Peri Kitchen Towel a try and be amazed at what it can do. 

Peri Kitchen Towel Product Page

  1. Glade Air Freshener
Glade Air Freshener


The best way to top off your cleaning ritual is to welcome the new lunar year with your house smelling good. The Glade Air Freshener allows homeowners to enjoy a soothing and fragrant atmosphere by serving as a deodorizer and an air freshener at the same time. This feature means that the air freshener absorbs the dirt and various pollutants inside your home while it gives off a pleasant and fragrant scent. 

The holder of this air freshener can also be easily adjusted depending on what level you want to smell the scent. As for the choices for the scent, you have a wide assortment to choose from, which includes fresh berries, lavender, lemon, and a couple of others more. 

Welcome the new lunar year in style by putting a couple of Glade Air Fresheners inside your home. Nothing says “new beginning” than a soothing scent, and Glade Air Freshener has got you covered in that department. 

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Traditions are there for a reason; they help us move towards a brighter future by reminding us where we came from. For some, the Chinese New Year is just another chapter of their lives, or it might not even matter. Those grounded in the rich Chinese history are the only ones who can appreciate the significance of rituals such as the Da Sao Chu. 

People who want to keep the traditions alive and see the deeper meaning behind this Chinese New Year ritual can benefit from the products listed above. It will allow them to efficiently perform the ritual without sacrificing time for other things they are supposed to do. 

If you want to see more similar products or are interested in products ranging from baby care to household essentials, or even beverages, visit the page of myCK, and be amazed at the assortment of products on offer. 

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