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8 tips to efficiently and quickly spring clean before CNY

31 December, 2019 

Wondering where and how to start that annual spring cleaning for your home?

Chinese New Year (CNY) marks the belief to start the new season on a fresh note. Besides sprucing up the home to welcome visiting relatives and guests, it is also the perfect opportunity for a quick home makeover to declutter and reorganise.

Armed with myCK store’s wide array of affordable household cleaning products conveniently available in Singapore, and these quicktips, you are all ready to refresh your living space and get the healthy energy flowing!

#1: Prepare a cleaning plan and some tissue paper

Drawing up a spring cleaning checklist helps you and your family to have an idea of where to clean, what home cleaning products and tools to buy, and when to clean the different areas. Penning down the estimated time needed makes it easier to manage the various tasks in a bite-sized manner too.

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Before getting down to cleaning up, be sure to keep facial tissue close by. They are a necessity in every household, and you can get in the festive mood with these myCK CNY Box Tissue 2ply Pure Pulp (myCK PwP hot buy at $2.80/5 boxes). More importantly, you will need them to wipe beads of perspiration as you tackle Project Spring Cleaning. How about grooving to some CNY songs to amp up your cleaning fun?

#2: Tidy up your way… or, the Marie Kondo way

It’s time to put on your Mr. Clean hat and be the Chief Organising Officer to champion decluttering. The popular cleaning guru has said it all with her KonMarie Method when it comes to tidying and keeping things organised. Items such as clothes, toys and books are some of the categories to look at – discard or donate, assess if they spark joy, then organise them. Don’t forget the storeroom – time to make extra space in there too!

#3: Start cleaning from the ceiling; end with the floors

This includes cleaning the ceiling fans, getting rid of dust that are enveloping wiring and lighting, top of cupboards, walls etc. Use a feather duster and follow with a damp cloth to wipe away. Clean the floors last as dust and dirt will settle on them.

#4: Zoom into the kitchen

The items in the cabinets should be removed so that shelves can be cleaned with a towel and disinfectant. Check expiry dates on food – discard and organise them accordingly.

Caption:Kitchen towels are handy for absorbing cooking oil from food, and for cleaning too. myCK special price – $2.80/pack

Paper kitchen towels are great in the kitchen – besides using them to absorb oil from cooked food, they can be used for cleaning up too! For greasy hobs, kitchen tiles and countertops, use these large absorbent myCK Kitchen Towels (myCK special price $2.80/pack) to wipe away oil or food remnants from the surface.

Many parents in Singapore swear by Cif for its multipurpose cleaning power so remember to get them for spring cleaning too. myCK exclusive discount– Any 2 for $2.80)

Thereafter, apply the multipurpose Cif Cleaner Powerful Cream (myCK exclusive discount: Any 2 for $2.80) onto the surface using a damp cloth, then wipe over and gently rinse away or clean with a wet cloth. Cif Cream’s millions of 100% natural microparticles bring shine without damage to surfaces – no wonder it is the number 1 choice for families in Singapore!

#5: Zap away nasty stains in the toilet

If stains have called the toilet their home, it’s time to eradicate them! That bottle of Cif Cream would definitely come in handy to tackle the stains wedged between bathroom tiles, bathtub or sink too.

One of the best household cleaning products for the toilet, this Kao Magiclean Toilet Bowl Cleaner packs a punch on bacteria and stains. (myCK special price – Any 2 for $4.80)

For the toilet bowl, use the Kao Magiclean Toilet Bowl Cleaner (myCK exclusive discount at Any 2 for $4.80) to dissolve stubborn stains and kill 99.9% bacteria in just 2 minutes! Powered to be tough on stains, there is no need for scrubbing, so the surface remains scratch-free. Simply flush to reveal whiter, and cleaner thrones in the bathrooms!

#6: Send the curtains to a professional dry cleaner

Think twice about using the washing machine to wash your curtains. Some fabrics like suede and velvet, or curtains adorned with embellishment, would require special care.Sending them to the dry cleaners is a smarter bet. To clean window blinds, use a feather duster and damp cloth,then wipe dry.

#7: Give those windows the shine they deserve

Welcome the natural sunlight – a healthy dose of positivity – through those windows this new year! The good old-fashioned cleaning method of using newspapers work to remove murky marks on glass, so use them to clean windows and mirrors in your home.

#8: Sweep and mop the floors

Dry and wet mop with just 1 cleaning product – why not? Get your Hands-free Flat Mop in Singapore now! myCK special price – $15.80)

When the other areas in your home are done and dusted (literally), it’s time for the floors to receive their TLC. This Hands-free Flat Mop (myCK special price: $15.80) is a 2-in-1 housecleaning product: Dry use to pick up hair and dirt; wet use as a mop to clean tiles. Its 360-degree swivel lets you reach tight spaces in between furniture easily.

These dry wiper sheets help pick up hair, dust and pet fur efficiently! Get the Kao Wiper Sheet at myCK special price –$6.80

Start with a fresh piece of dry sheet like the Kao Wiper Sheet (myCK special price: $6.80) to efficiently clean any flooring, wall and ceiling! Each dry sheet is designed with 3D microfibre to attract hair, dirt, pet fur and dust mites effortlessly.

Now that you’re done revitalising your home with a much-needed spring cleaning, don’t forget to give it a refreshing spritz of Airwick Auto Spray Refill (Any 2 for 7.80). Now you are all ready to host friends and families!

Where to buy affordable household cleaning products in Singapore

As families in Singapore prepare to usher in the new year and blessings, whoever said spring cleaning is only possible with expensive cleaning equipment?

myCK stocks some of the best household cleaning products that are top choices for families in Singapore! With pocket-friendly prices and quality items, families get to enjoy more savings and discounts this CNY! Shop at your nearest myCK outlet in Singapore today.

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