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Clean as a Whistle: The 8 Simple Steps of Handwashing

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Handwashing has got to be one of the most important things you can do to protect yourselves and your loved ones from different diseases. This pandemic we’re still facing has taught us that you can never be too careful when it comes to personal hygiene since even the cleanest surfaces and people can still be affected. 

While the importance of handwashing and personal hygiene, in general, wasn’t understated in any way before the pandemic, the pandemic shone a new light on this aspect of everyday life that we seem to forget. 

With that being said, here are 8 simple steps of handwashing to make sure that all bases are covered, and we can protect not just ourselves but also our loved ones. 

Diseases Proper Handwashing Helps Prevent

Washing your hands has become such a part of our everyday lives that we sometimes fail to see the importance of doing so. In fact, if you were to think of the last time you washed your hands, you probably cannot give a straight answer because of how mundane and automatic it is. 

But by washing our hands, we prevent a host of different diseases from affecting us and spreading to our loved ones. Do note that we use our hands for many things throughout the day, and they are usually the first ones to pick up bacteria and other harmful elements. 

Here are the various diseases proper handwashing helps prevent: 

1. The Flu

The Flu has become so common that we often just accept it as something we experience from time to time. But there was a time when the Flu was considered extremely life-threatening, and, in a way, it still is today. Luckily, strides have been made to develop a vaccine to combat this disease, but handwashing has always been the best and simplest deterrent against the Flu. 

2. Salmonellosis

Chances are, everything that we touch daily has some sort of faecal matter to them; it’s just a fact of life. From raw food that we prepare to taking care of our children by changing their diapers, germs can easily get transmitted from these items to our hands and into our system if we’re not careful. 

Salmonellosis viewed up close


3. Hand-foot-and-mouth Disease

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease or HFMD is commonly experienced by children, and this is a painful disease that can see them having blisters around the affected areas, namely the hand, foot, and mouth areas. This disease can also affect adults with weak immunities; that’s why it’s adamant that you wash your hands after taking care of your children. 

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease effects on an adult


4. Hepatitis A

Although not as life-threatening as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A is a disease that can cause a whole host of problems like fever, fatigue, and gastrointestinal issues. This disease is also transmitted through untidy hands when preparing food; that’s why outbreaks of Hepatitis A can commonly be seen in restaurants. 

5. Coronavirus

As one of the deadliest diseases that continue to ravage the world, Coronavirus or Covid-19 is also transmitted through coming into close contact with someone infected by the virus. The thing that makes this disease tricky is that some people who have the virus might not show signs of it, so one of the best countermeasures against Coronavirus is proper and constant handwashing. 

The common theme for these diseases is the ease with which they are transmitted. We use our hands for everything, so we are always at risk when we do something even as seemingly harmless as preparing food or taking care of our children. 

The main takeaway from knowing how these diseases are transmitted is to always stay alert and not be afraid to sanitise when in doubt. 

The 8 Simple Steps of Handwashing

Crucial steps of handwashing illustrated


Now that we’ve covered common diseases prevented by handwashing let us discuss how we can wash our hands properly, effectively preventing these diseases from entering our system. Handwashing isn’t just placing your hands under running water, putting soap and rubbing them willy nilly; it takes a lot of processes to get rid of the germs. Here are those processes: 

1. Wet Your Hands and Put Soap

Everything begins with cleaning your hands with water and forming a lather with soap that can cover the whole area of your hands. With this step alone, germs situated on your hands are already “softened” and ready to be scrubbed away. 

2. Rub the Palms Together

Our palms are the most exposed and used part of our hands. We use our hands to grab various things, and our palms are usually where these things rest; that’s why it’s important to rub your palms together to ensure proper handwashing. 

3. Rub the Back of Each Hand with Interlacing Fingers

The back of our hands also usually picks up germs. Essentially being the counterpart of our palms and covering a wide area, there’s a considerable possibility that germs might attach themselves to the back of our hands. We also sometimes unknowingly rub our noses with the back of our hands, and if we are infected with a disease, we might transfer it through this part, so washing these parts is essential. 

4. Rub Your Hands Together with Interlaced Fingers 

This step aims to cover the areas between your fingers since, aside from our palms, we also use our fingers to pick up different things like bills, coins, and other small things. One scary thing about money is that they go through different people, and when someone who is infected hands you a bill, the germs can transfer from the person to the bill, to the area in between your fingers; that’s why it’s essential not to neglect this step. 

5. Rub the Back of Your Fingers

Similar to how important the back of our hands are, the back of our fingers are just as exposed to germs, Think of the times you rested your face on the back of your fingers when you’re thinking. If ever you have a virus at that time, the virus could have already attached itself to this area. 

6. Rub Your Thumbs

The germs can also travel to your thumbs; that’s why it’s adamant not to forget to clean them. While not as overused as other parts of our hands, our thumbs may also be carriers of germs. Sometimes when we have diseases and we rub our face, the germs might travel down to our thumbs; that’s why it’s recommended that all bases are covered when we clean our hands.  

7. Rub Your Fingertips 

When our hands rest on different surfaces, one of the most common parts of our hands that is rested on these surfaces is our fingertips. Our fingertips are usually the exposed part whenever we scratch small portions of our faces; that’s why cleaning them is also vital.

8. Rinse and Dry Your Hands

Just as you would run water through your hands before rubbing different parts, it’s also important to rinse it after going through all the other steps. Think of rinsing as you letting the water take the remaining germs away, and you get a clearer picture of how important this step is. Of course, drying is also essential, and after that, the whole process is complete. 

5 Amazing Handwashing Products You Can Use

It’s good to know the proper method, and it’s also good to know which diseases handwashing can protect you from. Still, without discussing the appropriate products you can use, that knowledge will essentially be useless. 

While all soaps and sanitising products are made to serve one purpose: to get rid of germs, there are products specifically made for handwashing that get rid of germs more efficiently. 

Here are 5 amazing handwashing products you can use to help protect you and your loved ones from various diseases: 

1. Lifebuoy Mildcare Handwash

Lifebuoy Mildcare Handwash


The Lifebuoy Mildcare Handwash doesn’t just rid your hands of germs; it also does its best to keep your hands smooth and soft. Some people have sensitive skin, and these types of skin are sometimes prone to other problems such as eczema and dry skin. Lifebuoy does an excellent job of protecting your hands from such problems aside from killing 99.9% of germs. 

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2. Kirei Kirei Refreshing Grape Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

Kirei Kirei Refreshing Grape Anti-Bacterial Soap


No matter where you look, the Kirei Kirei Refreshing Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap is consistently praised for its fragrance. Still, aside from how good it smells, it also kills germs just as efficiently as the other hand soaps on the market. Its efficiency doesn’t end there either; with one 250ml bottle lasting for a month, it also gives you more bang for your buck. 

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3. Lifebuoy Total 10 Handwash

Lifebuoy Total 10 Handwash


The Lifebuoy Total 10 Handwash is a handwash specifically made with children in mind. Children are more susceptible to picking up germs because of how active their lifestyles are and how they play; that’s why Lifebuoy made a handwash that acts super fast to account for this active lifestyle. In just 10 seconds, the Activ Silver Formula kicks in and gets rid of the germs, and it also does an excellent job of protecting your children’s skin from other bacteria. 

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4. Dettol Original Handwash

Dettol Original Handwash


The Dettol Original Handwash boasts an efficiency of 100% when it comes to killing germs, and this handwash is also highly touted for taking care of the smoothness of your skin. One distinct quality of the Dettol Original Handwash is its fragrance, and when you combine the qualities mentioned, you get an all-around handwash that ticks all the boxes. 

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5. Dettol Sensitive Handwash

Dettol Sensitive Handwash


The Dettol Original Handwash already did a great job of keeping your skin smooth and protected. Still, the protection has been extended to consider even more sensitive skin with the Dettol Sensitive Handwash. It’s no secret that delicate skin requires more attention. Dettol understands this; that’s why this particular handwash focuses on sensitive skin without sacrificing what made the Dettol Original Handwash such a household name. 

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That about covers everything you need to know about handwashing. From how to properly do it to the diseases it helps prevent to the different brands of handwashing soap you can use to help you efficiently get rid of the germs and protect your skin. Knowing each aspect can help you take care of yourself and your loved ones much better. 

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