Our Staff Testimonials

Under company and management guidance and development, I’ve learned so many new things, broadened my horizons, and increase my capability that help me in my working experience. From my younger days to being a husband and father, I’ve built my career with myCK and am thankful for this pillar in my life.

Lee Oon Kian | Branch Manager

Chong Pang Outlet, 19 years in myCK
I’ve gained invaluable experience with myCK. I enjoy the moments with colleagues here, we learn and grow together, overcoming challenges and sharing each other’s happiness. The company and management is also very caring and has conducted many training and leisure events to ensure our welfare.

Wang Qiu Li | Assistant Branch Manager

Jurong West 2 Outlet, 12 years in myCK
I started as a Sales Assistant 20 years ago and now I am a Branch Manager. This was only possible thanks to the opportunities provided by the company. With all the challenges and joys of work, I’m now filled with confidence and enthusiasm for my work.

Lee Yuet Hoe | Branch Manager

Chinatown Outlet, 24 years in myCK
I’ve seen myCK grow and evolve over my 19 years with the company, but the one thing that has remained unchanged is how it puts its people first. In this team, everyone strives for better and the company also provides ample opportunities to develop our skills. myCK is a big family and everyone’s passion really drives our work.

Pang Yue Yee | Branch Manager

Chinatown Outlet, 24 years in myCK
Quality work, great environment and learning opportunities are the reason I chose to work with myCK. My seniors and colleagues are very organised and easy to work with. The working experience in myCK is great and I am very happy to be part of the company.

Leong Fook Chong | Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse, 13 years in myCK