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Our Values


We love, respect and take care of each other as we would for a family member. Though we have different roles to play, we never lose sight that we all belong to one myCK family. And as we nurture each other as individuals, we nurture myCK as a favourite heartland brand that offers more.


At myCK, integrity is our rock. It is the very foundation upon which we build all our relationship - every partnership we seal, every friendship we inspire. Our business has grown and continues to grow more because of the relationships that we keep and honour with honesty and trust.


We create a space where our people, customers and partners can freely be themselves. It is our acceptance of each individual as they are that make their experience with us more genuine, more natural.


We believe that what we do impact thousands of lives daily. The products we sell, the very words we say, make a difference in each customer's day. This is why every little thing we do, big or small, deserves our full attention and complete dedication.

Why Work at myCK

Career Advancement

You have the opportunity to attend training workshops or conferences to learn new skills for continual personal development and business needs, fully sponsored by the Company.

Real Responsibility

Working at a retail store has an added personal touch that is irreplaceable with digital space. You are constantly driven to work as a team, and make a real difference with what you do.


Your voice is valued. The Company provides you with platforms to share ideas and develop them into solutions that can impact others in meaningful ways.

Hear What Our People Have to Share About Life at myCK

Under company and management guidance and development, I’ve learned so many new things, broadened my horizons, and increase my capability that help me in my working experience. From my younger days to being a husband and father, I’ve built my career with myCK and am thankful for this pillar in my life.

Lee Oon Kian | Branch Manager

Chong Pang Outlet, 19 years in myCK
I’ve gained invaluable experience with myCK. I enjoy the moments with colleagues here, we learn and grow together, overcoming challenges and sharing each other’s happiness. The company and management is also very caring and has conducted many training and leisure events to ensure our welfare.

Wang Qiu Li | Assistant Branch Manager

Jurong West 2 Outlet, 12 years in myCK