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Optrex Eye Lotion 300ml With Eye Bath


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Dusty, smoky environment can make the eyes feel sore. Cleansing the eyes with Optrex Eye Lotion helps to keep them looking and feeling clean and healthy. Soothes, Cools and Refreshes Tired and Sore Eyes and relieves Eye Irritations

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Always clean the eye bath thoroughly before use. If eyelids are congested or it make-up is worn, first cleanse the eyelids with a small pad of cotton wool moistened with a few drops of Optrex Eye Lotion. Then fill the eye bath one third full with Optrex. Do not dilute the lotion. Bend the head slightly forward and rock the head from side to side for at least half a minute, so that the lotion bathes the eye thoroughly and produces a gentle massaging effect. Clean the eye bath and repeat with fresh lotion to the other eye. Never re-apply used lotion. To cleanse without eye bath- pour lotion onto cotton wool and gently wipe the eyes.

Distilled Witch Hazel 13% w/w, Benzalkonium chloride 0.005%, with Borax and Boric Acid

Like all other eyecare products containing benzalkonium chloride, Oprex Eye Lotion is not suitable for use whilst or 30 minutes before wearing soft contact lenses