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Nestle Milo Activ-Go Powder Regular Refill 1kg


SKU: 9556001004673

Nestle Milo Active Go powder.
Product weight: 1kg

It provides the natural goodness of cocoa, milk & malt, and contains ACTIVGO, a unique combination of PROTOMALT, vitamins and minerals that provides an efficient release of energy to help them take-on the day.

Enjoying MILO
Just add 5 teaspoons of MILO powder into a mug, with 200ml of warm or hot water, and your child can enjoy a healthy breakfast drink. For a milkier option, add 2 teaspoons of powdered milk. On a hot day, MILO can be prepared with ice.

Everyday Energy
MILO with ACTIVGO contains PROTOMALT , Vitamin & Mineral , a unique malt and barley extract. It contains a source of nutrient that play a role in efficient energy release, muscle function and bone maintain essential functions for physical activity in children.